2 Yule Be the Death of Me

2 Yule Be the Death of Me by J.D. Shaw Read Free Book Online

Book: 2 Yule Be the Death of Me by J.D. Shaw Read Free Book Online
Authors: J.D. Shaw
then walked the opposite way toward the
Jeep which was emitting a cloud of hot exhaust in the night air.
    Vivienne took
hold of Joshua’s right arm. “This is what I love about the holiday. The spirit
of giving is so strong.”
    “I just wish
the goodwill lasted longer than a month.” Joshua added. “After New Year’s, the
crime picks right back up to normal levels again.”
    “Well, we
can’t have everything.” Vivienne replied as they crossed the street. “But I’ll
enjoy the holidays a little more knowing the children have something to look
forward to.”
    “Well said.”
Joshua replied as he opened the passenger door and helped her inside.

    Monday, December 2nd
    When Vivienne
drove past the front of her bakery, her eyes locked onto a single piece of red
paper that was taped to the front door. She had seen several of the same bright
red papers attached to utility poles, trees, and a few tucked under the wiper
blades of cars parked along Main Street. Someone was papering the town with a
new marketing campaign and they certainly were doing a thorough job.
    Once she
turned on the ovens and lights to start the day, she decided to take a look at
whatever it was that someone wanted to drum up business for. She thought the
town codes had forbidden such tactics. As she pulled the paper off her glass
door, she almost felt sorry for whoever was going to get hit with the nasty
fine and the scorn of the town council for defying their directive. ‘Thank
goodness it’s not me.’ She thought as she studied the paper in her hand.
    ‘ You better
watch out! ’ That’s what the paper said with bold green lettering and a
large size font that commanded attention. Vivienne had to agree that it
certainly was catchy and she was eager to read the rest of the contents. ‘ Santa
is not happy with you, Eddie Robertson. You are a chronic gambler who spends
far too much time in the bar and not enough time trying to be a father to
Connor. ’
couldn’t believe her eyes. This certainly wasn’t an advertisement for a holiday
special in town. She continued reading. ‘ I’ve been watching and keeping tabs
on all the bad things you do. You’ve been a naughty boy, hitting Natalie
whenever those silly and illegal bets fail to pay off or threatening to cancel
Christmas because you don’t want to spend any of your own money on gifts. Find
the true spirit before yours is set free. You have been warned. Sincerely,
Santa Claus. ’
reached the end of the paper and turned it over to see if there was anything
more. There wasn’t. She walked outside to one of the cars that had a flyer
under the wiper and removed it to check if said the same thing as hers. It did.
Everywhere she looked there were little flashes of red. Someone had a wicked
sense of humor and wasn’t afraid to take action. She stepped back into her
bakery when her telephone rang.
    “Vivienne, you
won’t believe the note I found taped to my door this morning.” Kathy’s voice
eagerly explained from the phone.
Robertson is on Santa’s bad list.” Vivienne replied. “So now we know his last
    “So does
someone else.” Kathy replied.
    “Who would do
such a thing?” Vivienne wondered.
    “I wonder if Natalie
took matters into her own hands.” Kathy replied. “If so, I have to give her
points for originality.”
Vivienne worried. “Oh my God, what if Eddie sees this and thinks the same
    “Should we
call Joshua?” Kathy asked.
    “I’ll call him
and find out what to do next.” Vivienne stared at the paper in her hand in
disbelief. “I   just hope Natalie and Connor are
    “Keep me
posted about this.” Kathy ordered. “You always forget to do that and I end up
hearing the news from your mother.”
    “I promise.”
Vivienne answered.
    “You better or
you might end up on Santa’s bad list too.” Kathy joked.
    Vivienne hung
up and dialed the direct line to Joshua’s

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