21 Pounds in 21 Days

21 Pounds in 21 Days by Roni DeLuz Read Free Book Online

Book: 21 Pounds in 21 Days by Roni DeLuz Read Free Book Online
Authors: Roni DeLuz
steps to reduce our body’s toxic load. Detoxifying our bodies can help us improve our health—including preventing, controlling, and even healing from chronic and life-altering diseases like high cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes. As it detoxifies, the body sheds excess weight. In this book you will learn how to lose weight in a way that helps you keep unwanted pounds off and helps you transition into the healthier lifestyle you may have desired.
    Since you’re reading this book, I probably don’t need to warn you about the dangers of factory smoke or tell you to go inside when the truck spraying insecticide drives through your neighborhood. But not all the toxins we are exposed to are delivered in a way that is so obvious. In fact, most noxious ingredients appear to be so harmless that we have them in our homes, use them on our bodies, and even eat them every day. Ever wonder why you can’t stand the smell of bleach? Why you are supposed to paint only in a well-ventilated room? Why you aren’t supposed to get weed killer on your hands? Because they contain ingredients that the body can’t tolerate.
    Surprisingly, our water supply contains the chemical fluoride, one of the most ubiquitous toxic substances. Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay; yet, research has also linked it to bone cancer, lower IQs, and osteoporosis. As evidenced by a feature story in Prevention magazine, 1 increasing numbers of people believe that fluoride should be removed from our water. Personal care products ranging from antiperspirant to hair coloring to nail polish also contain toxic substances. But don’t believe me; read the fine print on the packages. (Better yet, Google the ingredients so you can learn more about them.) Most brands of toothpaste, a product we put in our mouths at least twice daily for our entire lives, contain sodium laurel sulfate to make it foam, but which research shows can damages the immune system and can cause inflammation. Many toothpastes also contain fluoride. There is actually a warning on the box to call poison control if your child swallows too much of it. These days, beauty experts recommend that we use bronzing products to obtain a sun-kissed glow without exposing ourselves unnecessarily to dangerous ultraviolet rays. So I was surprised to get a call about a news story on Boston’s CBS television affiliate stating that beauty salon spray-on tans contain mercury, lead, and even arsenic. The website of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA; www.fda.gov)—the organization charged with protecting the public health by ensuring the safety of our food supply, drugs, cosmetics, and other substances—says this about them: “Consumers should request measures to protect their eyes and mucous membranes and prevent inhalation.” If that doesn’tindicate that the procedure, which is entirely legal, is also toxic, I don’t know what does.
    Since you probably have drunk tap water for much of your life and have yet to drop dead of fluoride poisoning, you may be feeling skeptical and wondering how I define the word toxic . Plain and simple: The body experiences as noxious any substance it doesn’t know how to process into food or eliminate as waste. If its ingredients cannot be used as fuel or be purged through sweat, feces, or urine, it is incompatible with the body. Sherry A. Rogers, MD, of Syracuse, New York, one of the world’s leading experts in environmental medicine (the relationship between illness and the environment), states in her book Detoxify or Die : “Toxins are not normal to the body, they are not meant to be metabolized by the body, and we do not have the metabolic machinery to completely detoxify them.” 2 What makes these ingredients incompatible with our bodies is that our cells don’t know what to do with them.
    The implications of a substance’s not being “normal” to our bodies or of its not knowing what to do with

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