6 Sexy Three Can Play Stories
they connected all the
same in what would later be said was the smoothest one punch
knockout anyone had ever seen.
    Obviously, there was no need for the
10 count in this situation. Andy was already well and truly out of
the fight.
    10 seconds after the aforementioned
punch all all hell broke loose in the form of a bar fight between a
gang of hooligans, several university students, a bunch of rival
team supporters and later the staff and police attending the
    Men hit men and, reportedly, Ms. Mary
Henderson, unmarried, 25 years of age, and clearly very Irish
despite her lack of red hair, got the stout end of the bar
manager's 'sorting stick' (a 30cm rubber baton) on her rump while
the grisly oldster was trying to explain that, in her madness, she
had knocked out the offensive team captain of the Soft Studs – a
team that she apparently loves more than life itself – and was in
big trouble because of it.
    Chock on sixty more minutes to that
and Roger Keen, quarterback and captain of the Soft Studs, has her
in the hallway of the team's apartments near their home stadium.
Inwardly, he's thinking that she's the best thing that has happened
to him and the team all month. Outwardly, he looks pretty
    “ So you say you were
aiming for one of the Gerico supporters?” he asks in his usual
overly casual voice from his position next to her outside his
offensive team captain's room.
    Mary's head is down. Her face is
contorted into what looks like an ample amount of worry from where
Roger is standing. That makes sense, of course: The team manager
was pretty angry and even said he might ban her for what she did if
Andy doesn't wake up soon. For a fan like her that would be near
enough to divine punishment as one could get.
    “ Yeah,” she admits quietly
in that thick Irish accent that, in Roger's opinion, doesn't suit a
tiny blond of her quite pretty appearance one bit. “I kinda missed
and hit him square in the head.”
    Well, at least she's
honest, Roger thinks to himself. That's
going to make conning her into what he has planned a lot
    A cool breeze wafts in through the
door that leads to the fire escape a short distance away. Out there
is one of the best views of the field one can find and tonight the
lights are on as the cleaning crews do their things. If Roger was
standing there like he was before, enjoying the night's view and
the cool crisp air on his aching body, then he is sure that the
view would calm him in this moment. With what he has on his mind,
he's going to need it in the next half hour.
    The quarterback smiles understandingly
and shakes his head.
    “ I wouldn't worry too much
about it. It's been a few months since Andy got knocked out like
that and he is quick to get back on his feet.” Roger raises an
eyebrow and scratches his nose. “You must have walloped him pretty
good, you know. I've seen some of the other teams hit him with some
dirty stuff and he's never went down that easy.”
    She blushes at his words.
    Roger carefully runs his eyes down her
trim body. Those breasts are larger than they look and they are
caged in a bra that is confining them to a point where they are
bulging around the straps. Her stomach is smooth and slim and her
hips small and tight. A glance over back tells him that the butt is
just as well put together. This woman is just right for the job
that he has planned. Hopefully, her temperament doesn't end with
beating down men. She's going to need everything she's got to make
this work for them all.
    He clears his throat and kicks off the
    “ I'll tell you, Mary,
there's only one way that you can appease the manager and avoid
being banned from all of our games for life,” he starts out
    The woman looks at him hard and perks
up a little when she sees the honesty in his brown eyes.
    “ Is there?” she asks
without needing much more prompting.
    Roger nods and quietly assures himself
that this is for the good of the team.
    “ Yeah.

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