A Bride for Lord Esher

A Bride for Lord Esher by P J Perryman Read Free Book Online

Book: A Bride for Lord Esher by P J Perryman Read Free Book Online
Authors: P J Perryman
Tags: Historical Romance, Marriage, spanking, cane
delicious world of oblivion, where cares and worries were never entertained, there was only her, Robert, and the desire between them.
    When her husband was spent, he laid behind her on the narrow sofa, his arm protectively wrapped around her, keeping her from falling onto the rug below. She felt safe in his arms, and since the King had ordained the marriage good and unbreakable, allowed herself a single indulgent thought—that Robert was hers to have and to hold and that nothing could separate him from her. Chastity smiled, and fell into a dreamless sleep.
    Lord Esher had been wrong about not receiving invites into company. In fact, quite the reverse, for many of their set were anxious to witness this marvelous marriage at first hand. Robert saw this for what it was, and tossed the morning’s invitations casually onto the breakfast table.
    “What is it my love?” asked his lady wife as she chewed on a mouthful of kedgeree. In front of her was a small book, for she was studying hard at her letters, being anxious to please her husband as well as keen to learn for herself. She was secretly studying elocution, and her good ear was evident, so that only a few vowels now betrayed her humble origins.
    “They want me to parade you like some kind of exhibit. These are all invitations to dine with my friends over the next few weeks.”
    “Shall we not go?”
    “No, we shall not.”
    Robert picked up the final invitation and sighed when he read the name of the addressee. “I think we might go to see this one, for I have business with this man that needs attending to.”
    “Oh, who is it from?”
    “Tom Warren. The invitation is to a picnic on Friday next, and since we have no prior engagements, I see no reason not to go.”
    “I thought you had come to detest the man?”
    “I have. We shall go nonetheless.”
    “A picnic, I never been on one before.”
    “Well, they’re highly fashionable right now and it’s a little unusual, which would appeal to his vanity. I’m sure he would consider a simple supper very tedious.”
    Lord Robert slipped the invite inside his jacket pocket and watched as his new wife leaned over the book, her pretty mouth forming the letters as she read.
    “Do you like what you’re reading?”
    “Oh yes sir, very much so.”
    “What is it about? Something romantic no doubt?”
    Chastity smiled. “Yes sir, I believe that’s what Mr. Whitby said it was.”
    “And how do you like your tutor?”
    “Very much, though he smells a little musty at times and appears lost without his wife.”
    “Ah yes.” Robert recalled how the elderly man he had engaged to instruct his wife had recently become a widower.
    A servant stepped forward and began clearing away the breakfast things. “Could you leave my tea, I’m not quite done and like it cold,” said Chastity.
    As soon as the servant left, Robert leant across the table to get his wife’s attention. “Do not ask the servants what you want. Their place is to serve you. Just tell them. Remember, your wish is a command, and they are paid to obey.”
    “But Robert, I’m not comfortable giving orders. Surely a please or thank-you will cause no harm.”
    “Don’t be too sure about that. You only have to look across the Channel to see that times are changing. Servants no longer know their place, so it is your duty to remind them of it at all times.”
    “But Robert, surely kindness will serve our interest better. If we treat them as people, will they not return our kindness and treat us with respect.”
    A dark shadow crossed her husband’s face. “It is not your place, wife, to lecture me in the order of society. It has been this way for years, it is the order of things, and that is all you need to know.”
    Robert rose from the table and walked round to her side. He grabbed her roughly by the arm and pulled her to her feet. “If an education is going to put ideas like this in your head, I shall

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