A Catered St. Patrick's Day

A Catered St. Patrick's Day by Isis Crawford Read Free Book Online

Book: A Catered St. Patrick's Day by Isis Crawford Read Free Book Online
Authors: Isis Crawford
    “Something like that,” Duncan admitted as he stood aside and motioned Bernie and Libby in.
    “So why are you here?” Libby asked as she stepped inside the living room.
    The room was decorated in early southwestern. The colors were all pale pinks and blues and greens. There were Georgia O’Keefe prints on the walls, Native-American rugs on the floor, and distressed wood furniture. The result, Libby decided, was not displeasing.
    Duncan turned toward Libby. “What do you mean, why am I here?”
    Bernie noted that he looked puzzled. “My sister means, why aren’t you staying in your own place?”
    Duncan’s eyes narrowed ever so slightly. “My lawyer thought it would be better if I stayed here.”
    “Your lawyer or your aunt’s lawyer?” Libby shot back.
    “Well, it’s my aunt’s lawyer if you want to be OCD about it, but I prefer to refer to List as my lawyer since he’s working on my case.”
    As Libby looked at Duncan, she got the clear feeling that he was lying. When she looked at Bernie she could tell that her sister thought so too. But instead of saying anything, Bernie nodded absentmindedly and sat down on the sofa. Libby followed suit, sitting a little to the right of her.
    “I’m not going to ask if you want any coffee or anything, because I don’t have any food in here yet,” Duncan told them while he plopped himself down in the armchair across the way.
    “Bummer,” Bernie said as she leaned over and picked up the books sitting on the coffee table. “Interesting titles,” she said as she started going through them. One was a travel book about Costa Rica, the second was a travel book about Belize, while the third was a travel book about Brazil. Obviously, there was a theme going here.
    “Planning on going on vacation?” Bernie asked Duncan, indicating the books with a nod of her head. “Or just engaging in some wishful thinking?”
    Duncan sneezed again and shifted his weight from one side of the seat to the other. Then he changed the position of his legs, resting the ankle of his right leg over the knee of his left leg. “I was planning on going away for a week or two,” he told Bernie. “But obviously that’s not a possibility now.”
    “Obviously,” Bernie said as she put the books back where she’d found them. “You know, I’m told you can buy a Belizian citizenship for twenty thousand dollars.”
    Duncan flushed. “Why would I care?”
    “I didn’t say you would,” Bernie replied.
    “Then why did you say that?” Duncan asked.
    Bernie shrugged. “I suppose just to have something to say.”
    “I thought you were saying I’d be interested in doing something like that.”
    “Would you?”
    Duncan snorted. “Most definitely not.”
    Bernie leaned forward. “Okay,” she said. “Enough with the dancing around. Tell us what happened that evening.”
fov width="1em"> “I already told everyone,” Duncan objected.
    “We’re not everyone,” Libby pointed out.
    “Point taken,” Duncan said, and he began to talk.
    Bernie and Libby both noted that even though Duncan had initially been reluctant to say anything, he seemed to relax as he talked. There were no hesitations. No pauses. He was absolutely clear in his recitation. As if he’d rehearsed it, Bernie and Libby both thought. Or being more charitable, maybe it was because by this time Duncan had told the story so many times.
    He took them through Brandon throwing the Corned Beef and Cabbage Club out of the bar and about Brandon coming out and finding Sweeney trying to pry open one of the barrels of beer.
    “Brandon was pissed, man,” Duncan recounted. “He just clocked him one. Right in the jaw. Sweeney went down for the count.”
    “But he came back up?” Bernie asked, trying to keep the anxiety out of her voice. Although she hadn’t said anything to anyone, she was anxious that the defense might try to prove that Mike Sweeney had a concussion, which was a contributing factor in his death.

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