A Christmas Affair: A Seaside Cove Romance (Seaside Cove Romance Series Book 1)

A Christmas Affair: A Seaside Cove Romance (Seaside Cove Romance Series Book 1) by Cora Davies Read Free Book Online

Book: A Christmas Affair: A Seaside Cove Romance (Seaside Cove Romance Series Book 1) by Cora Davies Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cora Davies
tears. When she made it back to her table, a few of Jack's friends were standing nearby. Other kids Molly had known from childhood. Guys who she grew up next door to when she was grateful just for a roof over her head.
    "Jack passed out drunk," she told them and a few started to laugh, another guy rolled his eyes. "Maybe you should get him out of here."
    "Yeah, I'll take him home." Jack’s friend Mike walked up to her. "I haven't been drinking. You want a ride home too Molly?"
    Molly nodded stiffly. There was no way she was going to hang out here at the prom after what happened. "You probably want to bring at least one other person; I don't think he's walking anywhere."

Chapter Eight
    You can do this Molly. Just smile and nod. And do whatever Bridget tells you to do. You aren't talking to the entire town, just to Bridget. One on one.
    "Molly, are you ready?" Bridget asked. A stage hand clipped a tiny microphone to Molly's white t-shirt as Bridget slowly surveyed her. "I'm surprised you aren't wearing the Mrs. Claus dress, or at least something a little more... festive."
    Molly did a double take at Bridget's impressive black dress suit, then she adjusted the bottom of her jeans around her boots. She had not had time to get back to her apartment since the meeting, and she was wearing the same outfit she quickly threw on that morning. The Mrs. Claus costume had been handed over to her shortly after the afternoon meeting, and when she opened the box she smelled the strange odor coming off of the old clothes. Molly realized she had not been thinking clearly when she volunteered to be Mrs. Claus. "No, I think I want to get it dry cleaned first. It smells a little like storage."
    And I want to burn it. Not only was the smell atrocious, but Molly just swam in it when she tried it on earlier. She was already considering buying a whole new costume altogether. Sure she could stuff the clothes with padding and fill the dress out in the hips and, well-everywhere else- but why not start from scratch? New Mrs. Claus, new dress. She decided she would confide this in Bridget after the interview, maybe she could help her find a new costume.
    Of course, only if the council would fund it. Molly did not want to put her own money into the dress if she was only going to volunteer this year.
    She crossed her fingers that this news segment would find a Santa volunteer that she got along with. Her thoughts turned to Jack. There had been a fleeting moment in the hallway where she almost asked him if he would volunteer. She felt like she wanted to spend more time with him, get inside of his mind. Finally apologize. But then he grabbed her. With his body pressed against her, every chaste Christmas thought fell from her thoughts. All she could think was how much she wanted him.
    "How's Jeremy?" Bridget asked. Molly could feel her checks redden. Of course Jeremy was brought up every time her mind strayed to Jack. She did not know what was wrong with her, she had not thought about Jack like this since high school. Though, if she was honest with herself, she had been thinking about Jack a lot more since he moved in across the street two years ago.
    "Jeremy is great. He's really busy," Molly said, trying to mask the sound of sadness from her voice. She missed the way things used to be between Jeremy and herself.
    "Does he get to come visit often?"
    "No, but we talk every day, and video chat a few times a week."
    "Oh? And what happens during these video chats?" Bridget asked winking as she straightened her pencil skirt. They were sitting around a small coffee table where Bridget did her On the Local interviews.
    "I'd think you could imagine what a couple does over video chat when they haven't been together in a while." Molly surprised herself with her own brazenness. She took a sip of the coffee from the Channel 8 mug in front of her and attempted to change the subject. "Oh wow, they give you guys the good stuff."
    "How long has it been since you guys

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