A Dragon for December (Wiccan-Were-Bear Book 11)

A Dragon for December (Wiccan-Were-Bear Book 11) by R. E. Butler Read Free Book Online

Book: A Dragon for December (Wiccan-Were-Bear Book 11) by R. E. Butler Read Free Book Online
Authors: R. E. Butler
Tags: shifter romance, dragon shifter, Polar Bear Shifter, dragon shifter romance
personally think a full-grown
dragon is fierce, no matter the color.”
    “Still,” he said, brushing his thumb along
her jaw, “the dark colors are more imposing.”
    “It would be weird if the coloring got
crossed – green bears and white dragons.”
    “We would love them anyway,” he promised.
    She looked at him, tracing the handsome
features of his face. His eyes were deep green and full of
affection; his lips curved in a smile that made her skin tingle.
She liked him a great deal already, even though they’d only known
each other a day. He was easy to like – funny and kind and sexy as
hell – but her feelings were already running deeper than like and heading into love territory.
    She kissed him, slipping her tongue past his
parted lips and sliding her hands up into his hair. She fisted the
soft strands and then gripped the back of the chair, levering
herself up until she could straddle him. He kneaded her waist,
slipping his hands up her sides in a slow caress.
    “We don’t have a lot of time,” he said as he
left her mouth and kissed down her neck.
    “Oh? I thought we had the rest of our lives?”
She unbuttoned his shirt, exposing the planes of his chest to her
exploring fingers.
    He chuckled in a masculine way. “We do, but
in about twenty minutes several males from the nest are coming to
speak with us.”
    She hummed. “Then we’ll have to be fast.”
    He snarled lightly and lifted her, laying her
down on the desk. He pushed her shirt up until her bra was exposed
and kissed the swells of her breasts, tugging on the center of the
bra until her breasts popped free. He nipped the peaks of her
breasts, kissing her nipples and sucking on them lightly before
kissing down her stomach as his hands made fast work of their
    He tugged her jeans only down to her knees
and shoved his own down until his cock was free, and then he
gripped her legs and lifted them, planting them against his chest.
He held her legs against his chest with one hand and used the other
to guide himself into her depths. They both groaned as he slid
easily into her wetness, her body already so wet for him.
    His head fell back as he pressed into her,
the angle of her body making her hug his length tighter. She
reached over her head and gripped the edge of the desk, tilting her
hips to take him even deeper. He growled and dropped his head to
gaze at her, his eyes flashing brightly with desire.
    “Fuck, Tosh,” she moaned.
    “Mine,” he snarled, his thumb rubbing the top
of her clit lightly as he eased out of her pussy and then thrust
in. He increased the speed of his thumb on her clit, timing the
swift rubbing of her tight bud with his thrusts into her. She was
trapped against him, unable to do anything but take him. Letting go
and letting him take her swiftly and powerfully was freeing in a
way she hadn’t expected. She closed her eyes and just felt what they were doing. The way his thumb worked her clit, and how it
felt when his body connected to hers again and again, and the soft
vibration of the growl in his chest against her legs.
    She opened her eyes and met his gaze as he
pounded into her. His fangs were elongated in his pleasure, and the
sight of him, lips parted and fangs gleaming as he hissed her name,
made everything inside her draw tight. She reached for his hand,
griping his wrist and moving his hand slightly to the side until
his thumb hit just the right place on her clit, and the swift
movements threw her into a spiral of pleasure. She threw back her
head and moaned loudly as her climax swept over her.
    He stroked into her as he held her throbbing
clit under his thumb, growling fiercely as he came, his cock
thickening as the heat of his come spilled into her. Her whole body
twitched as he pulled from her and eased her legs down. She sat up,
her body protesting and her bear wanting to snuggle.
    “They’re coming,” he said as he pulled her
from the desk until she was standing and tugged up her jeans.

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