A is for…

A is for… by L Dubois Read Free Book Online

Book: A is for… by L Dubois Read Free Book Online
Authors: L Dubois
Tags: BDSM, Erotic Romance, BDSM Erotic Romance
stretched, past the point of comfort. Anna cried out.
    “Almost there,” he soothed. “Take this for me, my Anna. Yes, that’s a good girl.”
    “It’s so big.”
    “I know. I want you stretched.”
    It slid in deeper, opening her further and Anna dropped her head, tears stinging her eyes. Jensen’s other hand was firm on her back, holding her down as he focused on her exposed and abused ass.
    “A little more,” he soothed, his thumb rubbing the stretched ring of muscle. He shoved and Anna screamed.
    “That’s it,” he whispered. “This is the widest part. I’m going to hold it here. I want you to accept it. Feel how stretched you are.”
    “Y-yes, M-master.”
    Anna’s anus tightened around the plug, clenching the massive thing. She cried out at the pain, at the invasion…and cream flooded her sex.
    “Do you like it when I hurt you like this?”
    Anna raised her head, met Master Jensen’s gaze in the mirror. They both knew the answer, but she said it anyway. “Yes.”
    “Don’t look away.” With their eyes locked, Jensen pushed, the plug sliding all the way in, her body clenching around the neck. Compared to a moment ago, the neck was much smaller, but by no means small. There was no way for her to ignore how she was being stretched.
    Jensen’s fingers slipped into her pussy. “You’re tight.”
    “Your fingers feel big. Really big.”
    He stroked her spine. “Finger. That’s only one finger.”
    “One finger?”
    He laughed at her shock. “I was going to fuck you, just enough to take the edge off.” He leaned against her, letting her feel the long, hard length of his cock. “But I don’t think I’ll fit.”
    “You’ll fit.” Anna had no idea if that was true, but she wanted his cock in her, no matter the cost.
    “I’ll fit somewhere,” he said darkly.
    He circled the horse, showing her the crop he’d picked up off the floor. Laying it across her back, he undid his pants. Anna could have cheered. He was, unsurprisingly, underwear-less. His cock was long and thick. The tip was glistening, the foreskin pulled back to show the delicate mushroom head. She knew his cock almost as well as she knew her own body.
    Anna wiggled off the horse, groaning as the plug pressed against her. She couldn’t wait to drop to her knees and take him into her mouth.
    The crop struck her left breast, beside the nipple. Anna jumped, nearly falling due to her arms being behind her back.
    “Back over the horse. I didn’t give you permission to move.”
    Anna scrambled to obey, the harsh, angry tone one she rarely heard from him.
    “I’m sorry, Master. I’m sorry.”
    He grabbed a fistful of her hair, jerking her head up. His cock was there, the tip brushing her cheek. “Open.”
    Anna opened her mouth, neck straining. He pushed his cock in, the head rubbing over her tongue and the roof of her mouth. She wasn’t used to sucking him in this position and she gagged and sputtered, spit leaking from the corner of her lips.
    He pulled out then thrust in again. There was nothing elegant or skilled about this oral sex. He was using her, fucking her mouth. She drew in a breath as he pulled back, exhaling just as he thrust in.
    “Good girl.” His tone was still rough. “I expect you to take my cock, even if the position is uncomfortable.”
    There was nothing she could do but to accept the long, thick column of his dick as it pressed into her mouth.
    “Lift your feet off the floor.”
    Anna struggled to understand. That was all she had to balance.
    “Lift them.” The crop lashed against her already-spanked ass.
    Her submissive nature took over and she lifted her toes, bending her legs until her heels touched her butt. Now she was balanced on her stomach. The horse was plenty wide enough to support her, but she didn’t feel steady or secure. It felt like she was balanced on a wire, the only thing holding her up his grip on her hair and his cock in her mouth.
    He bent his knees, adjusting the angle.

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