A Killing Kind of Love: A Dark, Standalone Romantic Suspense

A Killing Kind of Love: A Dark, Standalone Romantic Suspense by Ec Sheedy Read Free Book Online

Book: A Killing Kind of Love: A Dark, Standalone Romantic Suspense by Ec Sheedy Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ec Sheedy
through his hair. “Tell me exactly what she said. Everything you know.”
    She told him what Camryn had told her, which wasn’t much.
    “Running alone in a park? That’s Holly, all right, but Jesus! Where the hell was her damn husband?”
    “I don’t know.” She went to touch him, but he pulled away.
    He gave her his back for moment. When he looked at her next, his deep brown eyes were black. “She was seeing Dunn again, Did you know that?”
    He knew! Barely hiding her shock, Gina hesitated. “I knew he was back, but I don’t think she was seeing him.” She managed the lie, though it burned her mouth. She watched his face, saw his desire to believe her, saw it fail.
    He cursed then let out a harsh breath.
    “She was over him, Seb. Through,” she added. ‘Absolutely and once and for all,’ those were her very words.” The trouble was that Holly’s pronouncements on her chaotic on-again, off-again relationship with Adam were notoriously unreliable.
    “And you believed her.” He shook his head, cursed again. “Not that any of it matters now. She wanted Dunn. She got him. Her choice. Hell, you all wanted him. None of you could see what an opportunistic bastard he was.” Irritation surged in Gina, along with her pain. “Nor could you see Holly for what she was.”
    “Which was?” His face was tight.
    “A . . . dream, Seb, a terrible, terrible dream.” Like Adam was for me. “And a married woman, whose husband’s name was Dan —not Sebastian and not Adam. Dan!” She wrestled with her anger, tempered it, and added, “Whatever your imagination conjured, Sebastian, she wasn’t yours, she was never yours.”
    And Adam was never mine.
    “That was going to change. We talked. Made plans. If that asshole Dunn had stayed away …”
    It struck Gina how inane this conversation was. Holly was dead. Holly wasn’t going to be any man’s, ever again. Not her husband’s, not Sebastian’s, and not Adam’s. “Let it go. Holly’s gone. Nothing will change that.” Relief hovered over the thought, making her breathing quiet, as if Holly not being alive would make her life—and Sebastian’s—less troubled.
    He lifted a hand. “I’m leaving.” He stopped at the door, and when he looked back at her, his eyes were moist, ruined. “I loved her, Gina. I always loved her. If I could change that I would—God knows it’s done nothing but screw up my life—but I can’t.”
    He couldn’t see, wouldn’t see Holly for what she was. He needed to understand. “She played with you. Then she broke your heart, Sebastian—and you let her.”
    He said nothing, shook his head, and walked out the door.
    Breaking hearts. With her lustrous deep red hair, heart-shaped face, tall, athletic body, and bottomless bank account, breaking hearts was what Holly did best.
    It’s what Adam did, too. Break hearts. Camryn’s, hers—even Holly’s. They’d all been drawn to his flame, and Adam had burned them all, screwed them all, literally and figuratively. He was handsome, charming, intelligent, smooth, and despicable.
    And utterly faithless. Exactly like Holly.
    Yet Gina craved him with every beat of her traitorous heart.
    Bitterness, hot and acidic, rose in her throat and was instantly displaced by a sick self-loathing. Every woman craved Adam—even Camryn. It was Camryn the bastard started with. Then he met Holly. Adam Dunn was hazardous to her mental health, Holly had said once. In Gina’s case he was fatal.
    Adam wasn’t only a home-wrecker, he was a life- wrecker.
    She had the torn womb to prove it.

Chapter 5
    Dan watched Paul Grantman pace the luxuriously appointed study from fireplace to window and back again. Window to fireplace . . .
    The man was giving him whiplash.
    Dan hadn’t seen Grantman in over a year, damn near enough time to forget how much he disliked him. He cut him slack because he was grieving, and because he agreed with him about finding out who killed Holly and hanging the bastard by his

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