A Kiss Beneath the Veil

A Kiss Beneath the Veil by Aimee Roseland Read Free Book Online

Book: A Kiss Beneath the Veil by Aimee Roseland Read Free Book Online
Authors: Aimee Roseland
just watched them, then she slowly shook her head. “None of
the other children were of our kind,” she said, refusing to elaborate.
    “Is there
anything more that you can offer us to help find the killer?” Isaac asked.
    Again the
woman simply stared at them, her eyes shifting from Daphne to Isaac and back.
It made Daphne’s shoulders tight, as though any second the stillness would
break when a zombie leapt up from behind them to chomp on their brains.
    “Only a
human could have killed my daughter,” she finally said.
    Isaac’s hand
flew out faster than Daphne could track, and faster than she could gasp in
surprise he’d transported her away from the woman’s house.
    She landed
on her bed with Isaac’s hand clapping over her mouth to stifle the scream she
was about to belt out.
It’s alright, don’t scream, love,” he said quickly, finally pulling his fingers
away one at a time to make sure she didn’t bellow the neighbors down on top of
    “Why the
hell did you do that?! What just happened?!” she hissed clutching her chest to
hold back the heart that was trying to beat its way out of her.
    “That woman
was a Garmorlgan,” Isaac said, then paused as though waiting for her to recoil
in horror.
that?” she asked in confusion.
    “It’s a
nightmare. Literally. A creature born of human fears. It’s difficult to explain
their genesis, but what she said is true. Only humans can destroy them,” he
stared up at Isaac’s face, dumfounded by this revelation. For a second she
almost asked if he was kidding, but his eyes were tense and serious as he hovered
over her. A living nightmare? And what did that make the dead Garmorlgan child?
Daphne wondered if it would be free to move on once her murder was avenged.
    “But Emma
was flesh and blood. If the Garmorlgan are all flesh and blood, couldn’t they
be hit by a bus driven by a goblin and die? Why does it have to be a human?” she
asked. A lot about the night breeds didn’t actually make sense. The Human
Relations Council tried to pretty them up and make the breeds appear to fit
within their accepted boundaries of science, but Daphne knew different. She’d
seen things through the eyes of the people she channeled that didn’t fit within
the realm of human understanding. A lot of it could be explained away by the
basic weirdness of ghosts, but some of it just couldn’t.
    “The force
that binds them into flesh and blood beings is drawn directly from humanity’s
dreams. As long as people are born and live and age, so too will the
Garmorlgan. But, nightmares can be beaten. You see? It wasn’t the killer’s
hands that took Emma’s life, it was his intention,” Isaac said.
Daphne murmured. Not much point asking for more details, better to just accept
it and move on. “So, why did we leave like that? Could Mrs. Berkley hurt us?”
the nature of nightmares. They generate fear, growing stronger and bigger the
more frightened you are of them. That is also how the Garmorlgan feeds. It
isn’t likely that Mrs. Berkley would try to feed on you, but I will not take
any chances with your security,” Isaac said, frowning down at her and tracing
her own furrowed brow lightly.
    “Thanks,” she
said quietly, grateful that he was looking out for her. Isaac’s eyes softened
as they traced her features. She could see it in those pale blue eyes, the “I
love you” he wasn’t saying. She cleared her throat, trying not to get lost there
and actually start enjoying it. Moving on... “So that means the
scarecrow really is a human. I wouldn’t have thought so after seeing him.”
this creature to me again,” Isaac asked, standing to pace at the end of her
    “Well, his
face was covered with something like burlap. You know, the stuff scarecrows are
made of. And he wore jeans and gloves and a button down shirt. And he was super
thin, like a stick figure,” Daphne said, picturing

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