A Love for all Ages (Crockett County Trilogy Book 1)

A Love for all Ages (Crockett County Trilogy Book 1) by Brenda Phillips Read Free Book Online

Book: A Love for all Ages (Crockett County Trilogy Book 1) by Brenda Phillips Read Free Book Online
Authors: Brenda Phillips
    Sensing her anxiety as much as seeing it, Chase feels like
kicking himself.
He had been trying to keep her mind off the
accident but instead he made the situation worse.
forward he rests his elbows on the table.
“I don’t know any more
than what I have already told you.
I would never keep information
from you.
After having had your account of the accident I didn’t
really need any further information from you, unless you know
something you didn’t remember before.” At the shake of her head
he continues, “The witness is reliable, no reason to doubt his
account of the event.
I did show the photos to a state police
officer, he feels this is random, maybe someone with road rage, you
being in the wrong place at the wrong time.”
Reaching across the
table he lays his hand against her cheek.
He needs the physical
contact with her.
He wasn’t sure the state police are right but he
would keep an eye out for the SUV and he would make sure Deputy
Johnny adds Stephanie’s farm in his nightly patrols.
    Feeling the tension drain away as she listened to Chase she
leans back on her seat making Chase remove her hand from her
Rising her eyes to look at Chase she asks, “Do you think this
was random?”
She cannot allow letting her guard down if she is
still in danger.
Having lived in small towns and in a couple of big
cities, she realizes crime exists everywhere, gangs in the cities and
good old boys in the towns, they all have crimes, murders and
With the power of the news systems you just hear about it
more in the cities.
    Waiting for Chase to answer her mind drifted back in time,
she was sixteen years old, she watched as her boyfriend was gunned
down by a gang member trying to prove he was worthy of his colors.
A useless crime against a young man, a boy actually, a boy that
worked, went to school and tried to help his family pay bills.
Violence was everywhere a fact she knows first-hand.
    “Stephanie, honey, I won’t lie to you.” Watching as her eyes
focus on him, “I don’t know if the state police are right or if
someone in my county or surrounding county did this.
I don’t
want to believe someone I know could do this to another human
But I am honest enough to know through my police training
that people can change, snap as lack for a better word.
People can
snap causing them to do things they normally wouldn’t do.
I am
not making excuses, because if I find the person or persons
responsible for doing this to you, I will make damn sure they pay for
their crime.” Keeping eye contact, he tries to read her face, what is
she thinking?
    Taking a deep breath then blowing it out, Stephanie knows in
her heart he is telling her the truth, he would never allow her to be
in danger if he could help it.
He takes his oath to protect very
She allows the rest of the tension to seep away.
Knowing she will have to remain alert, at least until her ribs and
wrist healed; once they were healed she will feel better equipped to
protect herself.
Having lived alone for most of her adult life, she
learned to know her surrounding, know the best escape route, how
to use items in her home to defend herself.
She had been taught
this in the self-defense classes at the local YMCA.
When Mitch
moved out he knew she would be alone most nights; he made her
promise to take the classes.
Now years later, she may actually
need to use the training.
    “Thank you for telling me everything.
I feel as long as I
know the situation I can be prepared to handle it.”
She places her
right hand on his arm, when she does he covers her hand with his.
Looking down Chase sees how tiny Stephanie’s hand is; he knows he
has to solve this crime, keeping her safe is now his top priority.
Because she may think she is prepared but he doesn’t think she
could hurt a fly.
    At that moment they are interrupted with their food being
His mother takes notes of

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