A Market for Murder

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Book: A Market for Murder by Rebecca Tope Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rebecca Tope
address,’ Karen remembered.
    Now it was Geraldine’s turn to look bewildered. ‘Supermarket?’
    ‘When the bomb went off, on Saturday.’
    ‘Oh, no,’ Geraldine said emphatically. ‘Mary was most definitely not there then. You must have been mistaken. Got her muddled up with someone else. She can’t possibly have been.’
    ‘Well, she was. I spoke to her. I was speaking to her when the bomb went off. As plain as I’m speaking to you now.’
    ‘And you told the police?’
    ‘I did, yes. They wanted to know if I’d recognised anybody when I was there.’
    ‘If Mary was there, then she’s a fool,’ Geraldine murmured to herself. ‘What’re we going to do now?’
    ‘You’ll have to explain this to me. It’s beginning to sound as if you and Mary are involved in something I wouldn’t like.’
    Geraldine said nothing, which gave Karen time to straighten her thoughts.
    ‘Do you mean you know who put that bomb there?’ She heard – and felt – again the blast, the breaking glass, the fear for her small daughter, and sensed a mounting rage.
    ‘Of course I don’t. At least …’
    ‘It wasn’t Mary,’ Karen supplied with a brief laugh. ‘But there’s obviously something going on. Aren’t you going to tell me?’
    ‘Truly, there’s nothing to tell. It’s only the usual stuff – the Food Chain business. Mary and Hilary and I have been passionate about changing people’s shopping habits for years now. And the rest of it. It’s all been going so well – this is absolutely the last thing we needed. And we don’t want the police to start thinking we’re activists or anything of that sort. Not when there’s so much of that going on.’
    ‘You mean protests against GM crops? Tearing up the maize? Have you been involved in that?’
    It was a delicate question, which had occurred to Karen before. A large group of hooded protesters had uprooted a ten-acre field of experimental maize, a few miles south of Bradbourne, only two weeks earlier. They’d succeeded in evading the police, and everyone in the area had their suspicions as to who might have taken part. Suspicions, however, which largely remained unspoken, since the vast majority of the population wholeheartedly endorsed the action.
    Karen expected a wagging finger, at the very least, for daring to mention it, but Geraldine’s expression was oddly soft and pleading.
    ‘Not that, no. This is something you’d approve of if you knew about it. And we really do need Mary to be kept out of the limelight, ifat all possible. With any luck, the police won’t bother to follow up what you told them about Saturday. They’ve got Peter’s murder to worry about now, after all. The bomb’s going to be old news.’ She seemed to be speaking more to herself than to Karen.
    ‘Except they’re quite likely to connect the two,’ Karen said, half hoping to startle the woman with this remark.
    ‘No, no. They’re not bright enough for that,’ Geraldine dismissed.
    ‘You mean there is a connection?’ Karen demanded. Geraldine looked at her with a scornful little smile. ‘Of course there is,’ she said.

    ‘I’m going to go and see Mary,’ Karen announced to Drew for the third time. ‘She’ll be able to explain it to me.’
    ‘Leave it alone,’ he warned her tiredly. ‘It sounds to me as if you’re far better off staying right out of it all. There’s something very nasty going on. And I doubt very much if the Thomas woman would tell you anything anyway.’
    Karen huffed out a long breath of frustration. ‘I know she was in those protests against live exports,’ she recalled. ‘And there’ve been other things. She’s an activist .’ She stressed the word portentously.
    ‘What if she is? Aren’t we all, round here, in one way or another? Trying to change the world, make people see sense. Me, you, Maggs – all of us.’
    ‘Not Den,’ Karen couldn’t resist. ‘Den’s avoided all that sort of thing.’
    ‘Not really,’ Drew

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