A Night to Forget

A Night to Forget by Jessica Wood Read Free Book Online

Book: A Night to Forget by Jessica Wood Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jessica Wood
Tags: Fiction, General, Erótica, Romance, Contemporary
I had a choice, I’d much rather have the real sex on the beach with you. I thought as I bit my lower lip.
    Ohmygod , Emma, stop thinking that, and focus! Stop being such a lush! a faint voice in my head screamed.
    Brandon looked at me quizzically. His eyes were gentle, yet sultry. His smile was inviting and alluring.
    “Would you like some water or soda first before we get you that Sex on the Beach?”
    Did I seem that drunk? I felt myself blush and prayed that my face was already red from the alcohol. “Um, sure. Maybe that’s a good idea.”
    “Well, we have a good seven hours to kill, so let’s pace ourselves.”
    “We do?” I said as I looked up at him. “Are you planning on staying with me the entire time?” Oh God, I must sound so desperate .
    “Sure, if you’d like the company.” He gave me a warm smile. “Besides, I wouldn’t feel right if I left you alone in this state, especially when I know you’ll be alone for the rest of the night.” He had a kind face, and as I looked at him, I couldn’t help but feel like I could trust him.
    “Thanks, I’d like that. And I’ll have a Diet Coke.”
    “Carlos,” he said towards the bartender.
    Carlos turned around and smiled at us, “Señor Fisher, what would you like?”
    “This beautiful lady would like a Diet Coke, and please get me my usual double malt scotch,” Brandon said to Carlos.
    I froze. Did he just say I was beautiful? I looked around to see if there was another girl around us.
    I must have wobbled slightly as I turned, because the next thing I knew, my stool tipped over and Brandon caught me before I fell.
    His body was warm and hard, and his arms felt strong and protective around me. His intoxicating smell nearly sent me over the edge as I inhaled deeply.
    “Are you okay? What happened?” he asked as he pulled me back on my stool. He was now standing next to my stool with his arms protectively around me.
    God, this feels nice. Can I have you forever?
    I looked up into his eyes, and thought I saw a spark of desire in them.
    “Yes, sorry. I’m such a klutz,” I said slowly and softly, transfixed by his gaze.
    “Well I’m glad that I was here to catch you then,” he said playfully. His voice was equally slow and soft. His face was only six inches away from mine now and I could feel his warm breath gently tickling my face as he spoke.
    For a few long seconds, we said nothing and only stared into each other’s eyes. Even in my intoxicated fog, I knew there was an undeniable and inextricable connection between us that neither of us could explain. I want you to kiss me. I need you to kiss me, I thought as I silently willed him to devour me.
    As if he heard me, he inched forward slightly, his eyes never leaving mine. I could feel the need inside me grow stronger. At that moment, the electric excitement between us was palpable as it buzzed between us.
    “A Diet Coke and a scotch, señor,” Carlos said as he rushed by to hand us our drinks before moving on to tend to a crowd of people on the other end of the bar.
    Brandon pulled slightly away at Carlos’s interruption, and the n the moment was gone.
    Don’t be silly, Emma. He’s not interested. You’re having alcoholic delusions , a convincing voice said inside me.
    Brandon handed me my drink and sipped his scotch. “So how long have you been in Cancun?” he asked me.
    “A week now. Today’s actually our last night here,” I said. Sadness filled me as I realized how short of a time I would have with him.
    “Oh, I’m really sorry you missed the booze cruise on your last night.”
    “It’s okay. It was my fault. I got lost looking for the restroom and missed the boat,” I said, realizing how stupid I must sound to him.
    “Well, why don’t we do this? If you want to, that is. After our drink, we can take a walk on the beach, like you had planned, and I can take you to my favorite place to wa tch the sunset here in Cancun.”
    I look back at him. He was wearing a loose, white

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