A Place Beyond

A Place Beyond by Laura Howard Read Free Book Online

Book: A Place Beyond by Laura Howard Read Free Book Online
Authors: Laura Howard
more medicine?” I asked, sitting up.
    “I don’t think so,” Nicole frowned. “It doesn’t seem like it’s helping much.”
    I leaned my head against the back of the couch again. Of course medicine wouldn’t help. The cough was Aoife’s subtle reminder of what I needed to do.
    Getting a hold of Niamh might be difficult. She had a cell phone, but she didn’t keep it with her all the time. She preferred her own method of communication.
    “I’m just gonna run up and see if I can find Niamh’s number,” I told Nicole.
    I’d written her number on a sticky note somewhere on my computer desk. I went to my room and looked for the note. What would I say to her once I got her on the phone? The weight of the pendant Aoife gave me hung heavy on my chest.
    I had to get her and Aodhan back to Stoneville. Maybe I’d get lucky and they’d have taken care of the guards already. I was appalled with myself for thinking so lightly of the fact they planned on killing the guards.
    Finding the number under one of the college texts on my desk, I picked up the corded phone and stared at it a moment before dialing.
    It rang and rang before a voice answered, but it definitely wasn’t Niamh.
    “Um, hello?” I said.
    “Well, hello there Allison,” Bláithín said smoothly. “What can I do for you?”
    “I was looking for Niamh, is she around?”
    “Not at the moment,” Bláithín said. “She and Aodhan are taking a turn looking around the latest crime scene.”
    “Oh, okay. Well,” I began, thinking of a story as I went. “I think I saw Aoife this morning,” I blurted.
    “Aoife? Are you sure?” she said, all business.
    “Yes, pretty sure. She was… standing outside the store this morning when I was in line. Sort of taunting me.” Not all lies. She had been taunting me.
    “Does Tagdh know?”
    Dammit, I’d almost forgotten about Tagdh. His boyish face flashed in my mind, wide eyed and unseeing with an iron dagger piercing his heart.
    “Um, I don’t know. I haven’t seen him.”
    “He’s very good at staying out of sight, isn’t he? I’ll be sure to let him know next time I talk to him.”
    Think, Allison. You need to get them to come back here.
    My eyes darted around the room. “What if she’s done something to Tagdh?”
    “Allison? What makes you think that?”
    “I just haven’t seen him and I know she’s here. I don’t want anything to happen to my mother.” I despised how weak I had to act. Bláithín was so strong. She probably thought I was such a wimp.
    “Okay, okay. Try to relax. We’ll call Tagdh. I’m sure it’s all fine.” The phone clicked.
    I looked down at my hand still resting against the phone. I hated this. I hated the lies especially all I still had ahead of me.
    After about an hour of staring at the wall, there was a knock at my bedroom door.
    “Come in,” I said.
    Ethan eased my door open and walked in. “Your mom’s asleep.”
    I smiled weakly as he sat across from me on my bed. “Have you eaten anything since you’ve been home?” he asked.
    “No, I’m not really hungry,” I said, and it was true. My stomach was twisted up in knots and even the thought of eating made me queasy.
    “Is there anything you’re not telling me?” Ethan asked, tilting his head.
    I might as well start lying to him, too. “Actually,” I said, loathing myself. “I think I saw Aoife this morning.”
    His brows shot up. “Where?”
    “I stopped for a water and I’m pretty sure she was standing outside the store while I waited in line.”
    “Jesus,” he said as his gaze searched my face. “Have you talked to Niamh?”
    “I called and talked to one of her guards. But, no I haven’t talked to her.”
    “Okay, well Jeff is coming to bring Nicole lunch. Why don’t we send them to the hospital to see your grandfather and when they come back I’ll take you up?”
    I smiled at him and he patted the bed next to him. I got up and gratefully sank into his waiting arms. I needed this right

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