A Promise on White Wings (Wiccan-Were-Bear)

A Promise on White Wings (Wiccan-Were-Bear) by R. E. Butler Read Free Book Online

Book: A Promise on White Wings (Wiccan-Were-Bear) by R. E. Butler Read Free Book Online
Authors: R. E. Butler
    Jes shrugged.  “There’s only one way to find out.  But first, little bird, you need to be able to control how to make them retract and appear from your body.  If you’re like normal were-birds, then you need to build up the strength in your wings before you can actually fly.”
    She rested her hands lightly on her thighs, mindful of the claws.  “I didn’t shift all the way to anything, though.”
    “Maybe you won’t,” Chance offered.  “You’re almost a combination of lion and falcon.  You have fangs and claws, but white wings.  Partly like me and partly like Jes.”
    Jes mulled that statement for a moment while Danika went back to looking at her new wings.  She did truly appear to be like both of them in some ways.  He wondered if that was what the prophecy meant.  If the reason she could join with him and Chance was because she was some kind of catalyst for their kind.  Able to birth children with both traits.
    Her stomach took that moment to rumble, and Jes got up and went to the dresser.  He lifted the lid from the covered tray.  Inside was a platter with several grilled steaks, a terrine of baby new potatoes in butter, and a bowl of blackberries.  Jes chuckled at Ley’s sometimes psychic abilities and brought the blackberries, a napkin, and a glass of orange juice over to the bed.  He handed Chance the bowl and sat down next to Danika.
    “Blackberries?”  She looked past him to the dresser.  “I see steak.”
    “We always recommend that falcons eat plenty of blackberries after their first few shifts because they’re so good for your body.  They have vitamin C for energy, E to aide in the repair of cells that are stressed during shifting, and K for bone health.  Your body isn’t used to being warped like this.  However your wings came about, they weren’t active until today, and add in the new fangs and claws, and your body has been stressed enough as it is.”
    Chance sat up and held a blackberry to her lush mouth, and she opened and he popped it inside.  She regarded Jes while she chewed and then accepted the orange juice.
    “You have a servant?”
    Jes shook his head as Chance fed her more blackberries.  “I wouldn’t call Ley that.  He’s more of an attendant or assistant, I suppose.  As the leader of the nest, I have a lot to manage, and Ley helps to keep it all organized so nothing falls through the cracks.  He’s been around a long time, and he served my father before me and will go on serving until he can’t any longer.  I’ll introduce you both to him after we rest.”
    She finished eating the blackberries and then Jes fed her one of the steaks, insisting that it was part of his culture to feed his mate.
    When he mentioned once more that they were mates, he saw something flicker through her eyes.  It was almost…unbelieving.  He glanced at Chance and saw that he also looked concerned.
    After finishing feeding her, he and Chance ate the remaining steaks and potatoes, and he put the tray outside of the bedroom with the lid back in place.  After shutting the door, he joined them on the bed and cupped her face.  She was stunning.  Wide blue eyes surrounded by thick lashes.  Plump lips.  Cheeks flushed with passion.
    “Relax, Danika,” he spoke with a soft voice.  “Clear your mind and let your body do what comes naturally.”
    “It hurt when it happened, though,” she said as she grabbed his wrist with one hand and reached out for Chance, who caught her hand and kissed the top.
    “It hurts for a while, but you’ll get used to it,” Chance promised.  “The pain will go away with time.”
    The corner of her mouth quirked up.  “We could make love again.”
    “You can’t have sex every time you want to make your abilities come and go, sweetheart,” Jes chided her.
    “Sure I could.  You guys would just never be able to leave my side.  Or the house.”
    Chance chuckled and then sobered.  “Listen to Jes, katja , and relax.  Your

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