A Reason to Stay (Oak Hollow)

A Reason to Stay (Oak Hollow) by June Stevens, DJ Westerfield Read Free Book Online

Book: A Reason to Stay (Oak Hollow) by June Stevens, DJ Westerfield Read Free Book Online
Authors: June Stevens, DJ Westerfield
pushing him back on the pillow. She grabbed his wrists, pinning his arms to the bed.
    Jake stared up at her plump and luscious breasts dangling above his face. Oh, yeah, this Ellie far surpassed the Ellie of his fantasies, and he loved it!
Chapter Nine
    Jake’s gasps were music to Ellie’s ears. The slightly glazed look his eyes had as she settled on him so that her pussy lips cradled his cock gave her the most overwhelming sensation of power. It was almost orgasmic, this feeling that she had total control over him at this point.
    She began sliding back and forth, his rock hard shaft pressed between her thighs and his own skin. The sense of power grew. With every twitch and jiggle of her body she drew him deeper into her control. She knew from his gasps and moans that she could ask anything of him right now and he would do it.
    Still holding his arms down, she rained kisses over his chest, neck and face before capturing his lips with hers. The kiss was hungry, hot, and demanding. Tongues warred, teeth nipped, and they gasped into each other’s mouths when she lifted herself and slid down onto him. She slid all the way down, taking him in completely. She felt stretched to the limits, yet completely and utterly whole.
    They stayed that way, lip to lip, neither moving, both barely breathing, for what seemed both an eternity and just a heartbeat at the same time. Then she began to rock. Not move up and down, or even rock fast. She just slightly moved her hips forward then back, so slowly at first the movement was almost imperceptible. The room was so quiet nothing could be heard but their slightly labored breaths.
    Then, as heat pooled in her tummy and her blood turned to molten lava, she began to move a bit more. She rocked faster and harder. She let go of his wrists and pushed herself up so that she sat right on him. Her breasts jiggled and jumped with her movements and Jake grasped them, kneading and teasing them as she moved.
    As her rhythm increased, Jake put his hands up and she interlaced her fingers with his. She held tightly to his hands, using him as leverage as she started pumping up and down.
    Something wild and primitive had broken loose within her. The room, no longer quiet, was filled with gasps and groans that mingled together so that it was impossible to tell who made which noise.
    Every pore in Ellie’s body felt open, as if every sensation, every emotion possible were flowing into her. She could feel everything, the hard muscle of Jake’s thighs against hers as she straddled him, the strength in his hands and arms as she strained against them, using them for leverage. She could feel the way his ragged breath made his chest heave; she could feel the searing heat of him deep within her.
    She was filled and stretched to the limits. A tight ball formed in her tummy and grew with each stroke she made until every muscle, every inch of her being, was tight as a bowstring. She felt as if the string would snap at any moment and she would fly into a million pieces. But it didn’t. She squeezed her eyes tight and flung her head back. She concentrated on the feel of Jake beneath her and between her legs. Her pace became frenzied as she rode Jake with all her might, chasing that explosion that would ease the tightness, that release that would turn her into a pliable heap.
    Suddenly Jake let go of one of her hands. She felt his fingers slide between them, searching, then finding the slick, hard little nub at her center. The tip of his work-roughened finger rubbed over her throbbing little bud, once, twice, then bam! The bowstring snapped. Ellie’s world exploded and rained down around her. There was a loud keening sound that she knew was her voice, but was totally unrecognizable.
    Jake’s grip on her hand tightened, and as she contracted around him, she felt him shudder uncontrollably. He emitted a long, low growl and she felt his hot seed spurt deep into her just before she collapsed onto him.
    After a

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