A Stainless Steel Cat

A Stainless Steel Cat by Michael Erickston Read Free Book Online

Book: A Stainless Steel Cat by Michael Erickston Read Free Book Online
Authors: Michael Erickston
baby." Tam reminded him as they lay there after another round of lovemaking.
    "Ugh, don't remind me." He said in mock disgust. "Yeah, I remember." He smiled at her when she gave him a Look. He wasn't looking forward to Monday morning at the courthouse. Tam's phone rang a moment later.
    "What's up, sis?" Tam asked as she hit the Talk button.
    "Darnell just made bail." Cammie reported. "Mr. Wolfe bailed him out, but made it clear to him that he wasn't to go anywhere near you."
    "Shit, well I hope Mr. Wolfe can keep his dog on a leash. Otherwise, I am not gonna be sleeping tonight!" Tam said, and Royce raised an eyebrow behind her at the mention of Mr. Wolfe.
    Royce knew about Mr. Anthony Wolfe, real estate mogul and Mafia kingpin. He had a reputation for being fair to his own people as well as fair in his business deals. However, he was ruthless when crossed, and those who wanted to rat him out were never seen or heard from again. Royce had decided not to try to rob Anthony Wolfe, as it would not be conducive to his continued existence. Besides, Mr. Wolfe had friends on the Police Force, from what he'd heard, and he was well respected by the community at large.
    Sure, he ran numbers and sabotaged real estate competitors. He also sold Protection, but his Protection was real. If anyone actually suffered an attack while under his protection, the response was swift and brutal, and he took care of those who paid him. Compared to a lot of Bosses Royce had heard about, Wolfe was a Saint.
    "Well, as long as you have your new Man there to protect you, I'm pretty sure Darnell ain't gonna be a threat." Cammie giggled. The volume was up loud enough for Royce to hear, and he couldn't help smiling when she called him Tam's Man.
    "Shit, Cammie! Royce is sweet and all, but I don't know if he'd be able to take Darnell." She looked at him with a worried expression, and stroked his cheek as he smiled at her reassuringly.
    "Don't worry, Cammie." Royce said so she could hear. "Darnell isn't going to get anywhere near Tam while I'm around."
    Tam smiled and put the phone on Speaker.
    "Thanks, Royce. You two are in bed, aren't ya?" Cammie giggled, making Tam and Royce blush a bit.
    "What makes you say that?" Tam asked innocently.
    Cammie laughed loudly. "Shit, girl! You think I didn't notice you two givin' each other the Fuck Me Eyes when I was there?"
    "Yeah, you got us. We just got done fucking each other good and hard, bitch." Tam rolled her eyes, her tone dripping with sarcasm for her sister's benefit. She winked at Royce as she said it, and he had to restrain a laugh.
    "And you KNOW that ain't gonna work! I want details later! Anyhow, I just wanted to let ya'll know that Darnell's out and might be on the warpath." Cammie's tone had turned serious as she gave them the actual warning.
    "If Darnell's smart, he will stay away from Tam." Royce said, his tone turning cold. He'd never considered murder before, but Darnell was one guy who really deserved to stop breathing.
    "Royce, hon. I like you a lot. Told ya he was a keeper, Tam." Cammie giggled, then turned serious. "But seriously, Royce. I like you, and I hope Darnell doesn't try to take it out on you when he sees you again. Trust me on this, he's gonna try for you eventually."
    Royce was now really angry, but more than that, he felt his resolve hardening into pure steel. "Let him try." Royce said simply.
    Tam looked at her new boyfriend in shock. She knew there was a lot about him she didn't know, but she really didn't expect this. She didn't see a cold blooded killer, though. She saw a man who wanted nothing more than to protect her, and the look in his eyes was compassionate as well as resolved.
    "In that case, I wish you luck, honey." Cammie said. "Sis, I know you guys are going tomorrow to file your depositions, and I'll meet you there along with Jared."
    "Ok, Cammie. I hope Jared doesn't screw this up for us." Jared Hartman was Mr. Wolfe's attorney, and the man who had bailed Darnell out of

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