Acadian Star

Acadian Star by Helene Boudreau Read Free Book Online

Book: Acadian Star by Helene Boudreau Read Free Book Online
Authors: Helene Boudreau
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pocket and thrust it towards her. Tante Perle took it carefully into her hands.
    â€œFriendship is like an oyster shell. It takes two parts to make it whole. But once that bond is broken, a small fissure can turn into a permanent crack.” Tante Perle paused and held Meg’s gaze. “Then, the magic is lost.”
    â€œAre you for real?” Meg shook her head.
    â€œOh, this is real, I assure you.” She handed the shell back to Meg. “I needed to bring you here so you would understand what would happen if you fail. You must go back even further in time for your real work to begin.”
    â€œI’m not going anywhere, especially not with you.” Meg stuffed the shell back in her pocket, barely able to contain her rage. “I can’t believe you tricked me into feeling sorry for you. All this time, you were planning this, weren’t you?”
    â€œI had to do it. Everything depends on you, Marguerite.”
    â€œStop saying that. And whatever you did to get me here—undo it.”
    â€œTwo more minutes on deck!” A soldier called.
    â€œWe don’t have much time. This will explain everything.” Tante Perle tucked a rumpled piece of paper in Meg’s apron pocket.
    â€œWhat’s this?” Meg asked.
    Tante Perle clutched her hand as Meg reached for her pocket.
    â€œRead it later, when you’re alone.”
    â€œNo, you tell me now! How do I get back to Picasse Bay?” Meg whispered.
    â€œNot until you do what I brought you here for. You can make a difference here. You’re our last hope.”
    â€œWhat exactly am I supposed to do, wrestle these guys to the ground? They have guns! I’m just a kid!” Meg whispered.
    â€œYou can’t change history, Marguerite, but you can keep a friend from being snatched away from you.”
    With that, Tante Perle brought her shawl back over her face, and with lightning speed, heaved herself over the ship’s railing.
    â€œNo!!!” Meg grabbed at her as she fell. Tante Perle’s frail form slipped through her hands. There was a sickening splash, then she was gone. All that remained was her knitted shawl, dangling over the water from Meg’s finger.
    The people in the rowboat gasped in horror.
    â€œShe’ll drown!”
    â€œHelp her!”
    A few people on deck prepared to jump in after Tante Perle. The soldier fixed his rifle upon them and stopped them in their tracks.
    The girl who looked like Nève brought her hand to her mouth in dismay.
    â€œDo something! Save her from drowning!” Meg yelled to the soldier steering the rowboat below.
    Recognition flashed in the girl’s face. She craned her neck back and forth as if searching for the source of Meg’s voice.
    At the sound of the name, Meg’s whole body seemed to prickle as if shrouded by a layer of electrical shocks. Her ears thumped with pulsing blood. For the first time in her life, the name seemed to awaken something deep within her.
    â€œIs that you? Marguerite!”
    Meg wanted to yell—no! She was Meg, not Marguerite.
    Wasn’t she?
    But there was no time for that, Tante Perle was in trouble.
    â€œHelp her!” Meg yelled.
    â€œThat is just about enough of this foolishness.” A soldier grabbed Meg by the arm and hauled her away from the railing.
    â€œLet them save her!” Meg cried.
    â€œDo not be daft,” the soldier sneered. “Nothing can be done. She will never survive in these waters.”
    â€œThen help the people on the rowboat, at least! My friend is on it. Let them board! Please!”
    â€œTurn that boat around, I said!” the soldier called down over the railing. “We are not taking on any more passengers!”
    With that, the other soldiers sprang into action and herded the Acadians towards the hatch. “Time is up! Down below, everyone.”
    Meg stood, wooden. She willed her legs to go, but they stayed planted.

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