Accidentally Hooked (The Naked Truth Series Book 1)

Accidentally Hooked (The Naked Truth Series Book 1) by Carmen Falcone Read Free Book Online

Book: Accidentally Hooked (The Naked Truth Series Book 1) by Carmen Falcone Read Free Book Online
Authors: Carmen Falcone
Luna could ever guess. Maybe a tad late to redeem her bad karma, but, shit, this had to help.
    She cleared her throat. “We need to talk.”
    Omar gave her a quick once-over and smirked. “Some fancy ass make-up you must have. Well, I’m glad you thought things over.”
    “I’m not Luna, you stupid idiot. I’m her twin sister, Kika.”
    Omar’s face paled, and a frown dipped between his manicured eyebrows. He discreetly nudged her elbow, even though there weren’t many people around. Her sister had told her lunch time was when most guests headed to the buffets, to check out the shops, or buy tickets for the shows. They stood a few feet from the scattered crowd in the casino grounds.
    She jerked away from him. “Do you think I’m stupid? If you want to go all Chris Brown on me, think again. You lay one slimy finger on me and I’m calling the cops.”
    “And risk putting your sister in jeopardy?” He snorted.
    “And you.” She produced a fake smile. “Listen, she wants out. Since you slapped her silly last night, the least you could do is to let her go. We’re going out of town, we won’t tell anyone about your…side business.”
    His hearty, sarcastic chuckle echoed in her ears, the look in his eyes more menacing than his burly frame. “It’s not that easy. You’re high if you think I’m the big boss. We’re all working for the man, sweetheart. One way or another.” Omar glanced around them, and leaned closer, poison dousing his voice. “If I tell them that she’s out, without paying her dues, they’ll find her wherever she is.”
    Her stomach clenched, but she lifted her chin, refusing to show weakness. “How do you expect her to come to work? Her face looks like a monkey’s ass.”
    In silence he assessed her, an unwelcome grin forming on his lips. “But not yours.”
    “Excuse me?” She threw her shoulders back, unwilling to connect the dots. Had he just suggested she could, er, replace her sister in the biblical sense?
    “If you work it, you can have the fifty-thousand dollars back to me in a week or so. I won’t tell my boss about the switch. No one has to know.” His low voice had the opposite effect once she registered his words. It made an obnoxious noise resound in her brain. If I work it?
    “I can’t… There are other ways I can get that money together.” Robbing a bank. Shooting a porno. At this point, she was even considering working as an anal bleacher. Though that probably paid crap—no pun intended.
    “I don’t care how you get it. Unless you or her show up for work—” He put his hand to his earpiece and held a hand up for her to be quiet while he listened. “I’ll be right back.”
    Asshole. She folded her arms and watched him stride out of sight, leaving her more at a loss than when she’d come.
    “Fancy seeing you here,” said a deep masculine voice behind her, the Australian twang both familiar and dreadful. She swung on her heels to face Ryan.
    “Hi,” she pushed past her lips, and her breath heaved as if her body recalled the luscious doings of last night even faster than she had. A senseless excitement swooshed through her, and she lifted her shoulders and straightened her posture. Trying, in her lame ass way, to fight the reactions her body recklessly threw at her.
    She let her gaze trail over him, with the laziness of a painter stroking her brush over a blank canvas. He quirked his lips at the corner of his sensual mouth, igniting memories from where those lips had been. Her skin prickled, and she clamped her mouth to keep from saying anything stupid. Or moaning.
    How did her hormones sizzled in high alert without any physical contact? As a strategy, she’d stashed the reminiscences of being in his bed in a special drawer. I have other issues to worry about. Her libido wasn’t one of them. Though having him before her jeopardized her self-control. She curled her fingers into a fist, wrestling over the need to touch him.
    Ryan tilted his head, and

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