Accidentally...Over?: Accidentally Yours 5

Accidentally...Over?: Accidentally Yours 5 by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Read Free Book Online

Book: Accidentally...Over?: Accidentally Yours 5 by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Tags: Erótica, Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Vampires
earlier—prior to her latest death. I will stay close to her, guard her at every moment, and learn more about her. Then, the night before she is to die from the bee sting, I will reveal myself and take her away.
    But this time, he’d stay close, and never leave her for a moment.

    January 18, 1993. Save Ashli. Take Three
    Wearing her favorite yellow ducky pajamas, sipping a hot cup of coffee, Ashli stared at the calendar pinned to her kitchen wall. It had a photo of a chocolate lab puppy with a bow around its neck, sitting inside a basket. She’d always wanted a dog, but her hours at the café would leave the poor animal home alone all day.
    Well, maybe after things settle into a quieter routine. Which is exactly what she hoped for.
    Lately, she’d been feeling the effects of years of stressful living. Long workdays, not enough sleep, and little exercise were finally catching up, and she knew it. It was definitely time for a change, and she’d already taken the first step by hiring Fernando, but it wasn’t enough. That feeling, the sensation of dread, was growing stronger with each passing day. Has to be the stress. I need a day off.
    Then there were the dreams. Vivid, disturbing, wild dreams. Some were of a faceless man and too erotic to admit she had. Then there were the ones of death huntingher, watching her. She’d been stung by a bee, hit by a bus, slipped on a banana peel—the list went on and on. Each time she’d wake up right at the point of dying, covered in sweat, the dream having felt so real that her body throbbed with pain and tingled with adrenaline.
    Maybe it was time to start seeing that therapist again to address her lingering guilt; she’d never quite come to terms with being the only one who’d survived the accident. Yes, she thanked heaven or the universe or whomever had been watching over her that day for letting her live, but that didn’t mean she was without baggage. And working fourteen-hour days, seven days a week wasn’t helping.
    There. It was decided: once Fernando got the hang of things, she would cut down her hours. Who knew, maybe she’d take up photography again. Until then, however, it was business as usual.
    She glanced at her watch. “Oh no.” She needed to open the café in ten minutes. She scrambled to her bedroom, stripped off her pj’s, and threw on a pink tee, jean shorts, and her favorite little leather belt with the pink flowers. She slipped on her sandals and dashed to the bathroom.
    When she flipped on the light, she immediately noticed the bags under her eyes. The bloodshot whites made their greenish-hazel color look more like sad, drab army green.
    “You’ll get through this,” she said to herself and began brushing her teeth.
    A flitter of motion moving down the hall caught her attention. She jumped. Holy shit.
    Toothbrush in hand, she slowly peered out through the bathroom doorway. “He-he-hello?”
    A burst of wind gushed through the house. Crap. Shehadn’t left any doors or windows open. Someone was inside.
    Ohmygod. Find a weapon.
    She looked at the toothbrush in her hand. What are you going to do with that? Give the intruder minty breath? She threw it into the sink and slid open a small drawer in her vanity, where she kept a pair of stainless steel scissors.
    Hand violently trembling, she made her way down the hall toward the living room. “I have a… knife! So you’d better run.”
    Is that the best you can do? Really?
    “Fast,” she added.
    She repeated the phrase in Spanish for good measure anyway.
    She glanced around the corner and quickly peeked at the living room and entryway. Her front door creaked as a gentle breeze nudged it completely open.
    Strange. Her purse remained on the small hand-carved wooden bench in the entryway. Why would someone break in but leave her purse? Her car keys were right there, too.
    Oh no. Whoever was inside the house didn’t want her valuables. So then what could they possibly be after?
    She gasped. I

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