According to Legend

According to Legend by Gerri Brousseau Read Free Book Online

Book: According to Legend by Gerri Brousseau Read Free Book Online
Authors: Gerri Brousseau
Sometimes, I think him more wolf than dog as he carries the Spirit of the Wolf in him.”
    “Why does the tribe keep dogs?”
    “They guard what is ours and warn us of trouble and attack.”
    As we approached the shore, Half-Breed barked. He ran back and forth along the bank of the river and his bushy tail wagged with excitement. I was still seated when Running Wolf pushed the canoe onto the riverbank.
    I was about to get up when Half-Breed came and laid his large head in my lap. He gazed up at me with his strange eyes and wagged his tail. A slight whine came from deep in his throat. My hand instinctively reached up to rub his ears. Then he lifted his head and stared right into my eyes. I glanced at Running Wolf, who watched with that knowing look on his face.
    But I couldn’t look away from the penetrating gaze of the animal. What was Half-Breed trying to tell me? Then suddenly his big wet tongue slobbered the side of my face and he turned and padded away. Running Wolf laughed and so did I. He helped me out of the canoe and as he wrapped his arms around me, he leaned down and gently kissed me.
    Half-Breed whined and Running Wolf nodded. “Time is short and you must go.” He held me close.
    I wanted to memorize the feel of him, the smell of him and the way the heat of him poured from his body and melted into mine.
    Half-Breed whined again and nudged Running Wolf’s leg. Running Wolf glanced down at the animal. “Come,” he said to me. “They are about to call you back.”
    How could he know this, and why couldn’t he stop it from happening?
    He met my gaze. “I will see you tonight, my Princess,” he whispered.
    Then the telephone rang and I jumped up in bed with a start.

Chapter 6
    “Room 302?” the teenager said while popping her gum. “This is your wake-up call.”
    “Oh, yes, thank you,” I answered sleepily. The line went dead in my hand.
    “Not much ‘courtesy’ in that courtesy call,” I mumbled and hung up the phone.
    Dragging myself out of bed I headed for the shower. It didn’t take me long to get ready. I tucked the dream catcher into my purse for safekeeping and turned to give the room a quick once over before I closed the door behind me.
    I stopped at the flower shop in the hotel lobby and picked up a bouquet of yellow roses to bring to Mrs. Warren. It wasn’t until I was halfway to her house that my stomach growled. I realized I was really hungry and that I hadn’t eaten since breakfast.
    The drive was an easy one. I popped in a new CD as I drove, enjoying the scenery and listening to the music. I felt relaxed for the first time in days and was really looking forward to spending some time with Mrs. Warren. Since she came to my rescue at the museum, helping me get away from Mr. Harvey, I felt safe with her. I wondered if I could get Mrs. Warren to tell me more about Mr. Harvey. Maybe I could find out more about what was really going on and why she thinks he is such a threat.
    I pulled up in front of her house a few minutes before six. The well-kept Victorian had an immaculately manicured lawn with autumn flowers lining the walkway. The edge of a greenhouse was barely visible from around back, which must account for the beautiful flowers that surrounded her property, but it was the extraordinary house I found enchanting. What else would a museum curator own but an old Victorian? Probably has some historical background, too .
    Mrs. Warren greeted me at the door with a big smile and a grandmotherly hug. The smell of homemade cookies clung to her and filled my senses. I felt like I was coming home. “How was your day, dear?” she asked.
    “Well, I got my power back on.”
    “Good news. Come on in, make yourself at home. I’ll just be a few minutes in the kitchen to put these beautiful flowers in some water.”
    “Can I help you with something?” I asked as I followed along behind the old woman.
    “Oh no, sweetie, I have everything under control, but you can come keep me

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