AdamsObsession by Sabrina York Read Free Book Online

Book: AdamsObsession by Sabrina York Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sabrina York
of honeyed hair, all thoughts of her business acumen fled. Adam
tried to imagine her without those glasses, with her hair down, in a satin
teddy, stroking her swollen nipples, and his temperature rose. He closed his
eyes and tried to recapture the timbre of Wildkat’s voice, tried to remember
the sound, the tempo, the dulcet tones. And his eyes flew open.
    Last night, just as a mind-blowing orgasm had consumed him,
she’d cried out a name. Wrapped in the claws of his own ravening passion, he’d
heard his name. Naturally he’d assumed his imagination was working
    What if… What if…
    He peeped at Katherine and to his surprise found her staring
directly at him. Their eyes met and a shock wave crested within him, settling
in his groin. His cockstand was immediate. Curious as to how she would react to
his bold stare, he held her gaze and watched as a slow flush stole up her
creamy cheeks.
    She looked away.
    A second or so later, she flicked another questing glance in
his direction.
    Holy crap , he thought. She’s flirting.
    Not flirting flirting—not the way a normal woman
would flirt. She was Katherine flirting. It was subtle and understated,
something a man might almost miss. But Adam didn’t miss it. The timid glance,
the quick retreat, the tentative parry. It was electrifying.
    He sucked in a deep breath as the realization flooded him.
    Katherine Hart was hot.
    And it was the most alluring kind of hot. Not a flashy,
blowsy I’m-so-hot kind of hot. It was a hidden, smoldering
come-and-get-me-if-you-dare kind of hot. And it had him poleaxed. He shifted
uncomfortably as a certain restlessness stole over him.
    He wanted to fuck her, he realized with surprise. For the
first time in two years, here was a woman—a real, live, flesh-and-blood
woman—he desperately wanted to taste. He wanted to throw her to the ground and
cover her, spread her legs and plow into her. He wanted…
    Hell. He wanted.
    “Hey, Adam?” Sara’s cheerful voice shattered his welling
fantasy. Damn. He slid his notebook over the lip of his desk to shield his
raging hard-on, blithely pretending to consult the figures on the page. It
wouldn’t do to frighten the staff with the size of his…staff.
    “Do you have the blurb we wrote up for the Carlson
presentation last fall? I was thinking we could use that in the PowerPoint.”
    Huh? What? Oh. Yeah. Sara was talking about work. The
remaining whiffs of his fantasy drifted away and with them the sharp edge of his
desire. “Yeah. I think I have it on my laptop. Let me check and I’ll email it
to you.”
    “’Kay. Thanks.” With a sketchy wave, she was gone.
    Her interruption had been fortuitous. Had his errant
thoughts been allowed to rove unchecked, he could easily have become carried
away, stormed over to Katherine’s office and bent her over her desk or
    He could be in her by now.
    That quickly, his wilted erection sprang back to life. Hell ,
he thought, shooting a surreptitious glance across the hall. He was in trouble.
    He forced himself to focus on work, to ignore the elegant
little movements he could see her making out of the corner of his eye. He
flipped open his laptop and switched it on, pretending to study it diligently
as it sped through its routine. It chimed. Loudly.
    Katherine’s head shot up at the sound. She eyed him warily
from across the hall, like a cornered rabbit.
    Adam merely ignored her and filed this odd reaction away,
pressing the mute button on his speakers as he logged online. He was supposed to
be hunting for Sara’s file. He knew that. But for some reason, he was drawn
inexorably toward his chat room. Toward Wildkat. Somehow he knew, he hoped,
there’d be a message from her.
    And holy hell, there was.
    His hand shook as he clicked open the message box and read.
    WILDKAT: Savage, I have to work tonight, so I have to cancel
our date. Sorry.
    Adam stared at the message. Hope and a hint of certainty
skirled in his gut. What

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