Addicted: A Bad Boy Stepbrother Romance

Addicted: A Bad Boy Stepbrother Romance by Lauren Landish Read Free Book Online

Book: Addicted: A Bad Boy Stepbrother Romance by Lauren Landish Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lauren Landish
wrist. "What do you think?"
    "I didn't come here to let you take me to bed,” I said.
    "You didn't?" He had that playful grin on his face that I found so damn irresistible. "What did you think I was bringing you back here for? To bake s'mores?" He ran a finger up my arm, all the way up my shoulder and then my neck. He stopped at my neck as if he was counting my heartbeat.
    "I-I-I'm not one of your whores," I stammered, my heart hammering within my chest.
    "I never said you were," Tyler said, coming in close. The heat from his body was enough to send me up into flames. The next thing I knew, his burning lips were on my neck and I threw my head back against the window, letting out a giant sigh.
    I shouldn't be doing this , I told myself frantically. I don't know this man.
    But I couldn’t move. Tyler had claimed me, and my body was his playground. His hands roamed down to my breasts and he squeezed them slightly before moving down to the hem of my dress.
    He moved his lips to mine and slipped his tongue into my mouth. We kissed with passion as he grabbed my legs and hoisted me onto his waist, pressing my ass cheeks up against the window. It felt incredible, and any resistance I felt was washed away from the powerful lust coursing through my body.
    If there was anyone who could see us in the surrounding hi-rise buildings, they had a wonderful view of my ass.
    I was surprised when Tyler let me go, dropping me back to my feet, and knelt down before me. Looking up at me with that intense gaze, he raised my dress up to my abdomen, revealing my panties. He sniffed once, as if inhaling my scent, then he pulled them down, tossing them onto the wooden floor.
    He placed his hands on my moist mound and I groaned. He slid a single finger inside and I gasped as he probed the inside of my canal for a moment before taking it back out. Even I could see the juices covering his finger. I was already soaking wet.
    Looking up at me, he stuck his finger in his mouth and sucked on it.
    "Sweet," he growled.
    He took two of his fingers and spread my lips wide open like a butterfly, and began licking forcefully, sending me to cloud nine. While he licked, he stuck a finger back inside, sliding it in and out. Slowly, he added another.
    The sensation was incredible. I could hardly take it as he thrust in and out, now with three fingers. Wet, plop sounds filled the loft as he wiggled his fingers inside of me, scattering my juices all over my thighs. A force was building inside my stomach. I reached down and held onto his shoulders, weak in the knees, almost collapsing against the window.
    He looked at me with a feral scowl. I felt like he was a wild animal, claiming me as his property as he pumped deep inside of me.
    Finally, I could take no more. A raw scream escaped my throat. It was so loud that I thought his neighbors could hear me. Too bad. My limbs rippled from the powerful sensation coursing through my body.
    Slowly, Tyler pulled his fingers out. They were covered by my juices and he licked at his fingers like an animal.
    He rose to his feet and grabbed onto me. I was still weak from my mind-blowing orgasm, but he didn't care. He walked me over to the couch and bent me over. I could hear the sound of him unzipping his pants, and then I thought I heard the sound of him ripping open a package. I’m sure he was well-stocked.
    He entered me and I gasped as he felt incredibly large. My juices quickly lubricated him, and he began to pound into me as I dug my fingernails into the couch, barely able to take him.
    While he hammered into me, he pulled my dress all the way above my breasts and snatched off my bra, grabbing onto my nipples and twisting them. I gasped in pain, and all I could hear was the sound of smacking flesh filling the room as his chiseled thighs smacked into my ass.
    A fire was building in my stomach again. I was on the brink of an incredible orgasm, more crazy than the last. Before I could come, Tyler pulled out. I tried to turn around,

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