AdriannasCowboy by Savannah Stuart Read Free Book Online

Book: AdriannasCowboy by Savannah Stuart Read Free Book Online
Authors: Savannah Stuart
he kissed a trail up her inner thigh. When he’d almost reached
the juncture between her legs, he raked his teeth over one of her sensitive
    Her legs squeezed around his head so he gently pushed them
back open.
    “Unbutton the top of your dress.” His words came out raspy.
Though he couldn’t see her, he could hear her moving.
    When he was satisfied she was doing as he said, he pushed
the material aside with his teeth and sucked on her engorged nub.
    A moan escaped and her body bucked so he continued swirling
his tongue around the sensitized bundle of nerves. He only stopped for a brief
moment. “Take your bra off and touch yourself,” he ordered.
    Adrianna had never experienced something so erotic. She didn’t
know if it was because she couldn’t see but only feel what he was doing to her
but the sensation made her head light.
    She’d worn a long shirt style dress and from her flat
position, her dress covered Sam’s head.
    Doing as he ordered, she pushed her bra down and palmed her
breasts in small circles until the hardened tips ached with need.
    Sam’s movements between her legs were painfully slow. He
swirled around her clit, pushing her toward the brink of release but he wasn’t
moving fast enough. And she guaranteed he knew it.
    He wanted to tease her. It was just his nature. It was also
one of the reasons she’d completely fallen for him. No other man had ever taken
such good care of her needs. With Sam, he made sure she was satisfied before he
thought of himself. That thought alone was enough to make her come.
    He paused. “Are you touching yourself?”
    “Mm-hmm,” she murmured.
    Without responding, he parted her pussy farther with his
tongue. She was soaking wet. The more he worked his magic, the hotter she got.
Arching her back and hips she resisted clenching her legs as he stroked and
lapped her clit with barely restrained gentleness.
    Most men had no clue what they were doing down there. They
always pushed too hard but not Sam. The man already understood the nuances of
her body.
    As she captured both hardened nipples with her fingers and
pinched, he sucked hard on her clit, drawing an unexpected orgasm from her.
    He spread her legs wider as the surprising climax rippled
through her. She heard his zipper and the sound of a condom wrapper opening but
didn’t open her eyes, mainly because she didn’t have the energy.
    After the day she’d had, that had been the exact release her
body had been craving. Something Sam had no doubt known.
    When he thrust into her, her eyes flew open to find him
staring down at her. Pushing up from the counter, she clutched onto his
shoulders as he buried himself inside her.
    He didn’t make a move to kiss her and something told her
this time between them was different. With his hands he cupped and massaged her
already sensitive breasts but he didn’t tear his gaze away from hers.
    There was something so personal, so erotic about staring
into his eyes as he moved in and out of her.
    “You’re so beautiful,” he murmured.
    Or at least she thought that’s what he said. Blood rushed in
her ears as he increased his tempo. Her breasts bounced in his hands with each
    Shifting her hips, she wrapped her legs higher around his
waist, locking her ankles in place and letting his cock hit her from a
different angle.
    When his neck muscles corded and his ripped abs clenched,
she knew he was about to climax. She tightened her inner muscles around him,
milking him until he moaned her name.
    He moved harder, faster, still never taking his eyes from
hers until her own vision clouded over and another, smaller climax rocked her
body. Sam tensed as he came with her and she arched her back one last time
before she turned to mush. Holding onto his shoulders was the only thing that
kept her steady.
    When they were both sated, he pulled her even closer,
wrapping his arms around her waist and laying his head on her shoulder.
    “God, I love you.” His words were

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