After Midnight

After Midnight by Kathy Clark Read Free Book Online

Book: After Midnight by Kathy Clark Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kathy Clark
but, in fact, she was going to a funeral.
    Grateful that her limited wardrobe contained the prerequisite little black dress, she stepped into a pair of black spectator pumps and gathered her long brown hair into a low ponytail, tied with a royal blue scarf. She scowled at the single hoop earring she had dropped into her jewelry box that night. She had forgotten to get rid of it with the rest of her clothes. She pushed it aside and selected a pair of gold studs and a delicate gold locket that her grandmother had given her for her sixteenth birthday.
    Kate studied her image as she absently caressed the delicate locket. She had owned more expensive jewelry in her life, but this necklace had always been her favorite. Circled by lacy filigree, there was a “K” engraved in elaborate script on the front. Without opening it, she was completely familiar with the faces inside. One was her beloved grandmother, who had died during Kate’s freshman year in college, and the other was Kate’s mother, who had died when Kate was twelve. No one since had come close to replacing those two women in Kate’s heart or her locket.
    She decided that she looked presentable yet unremarkable enough to attend the funeral incognito. She knew it was probably not a good idea, but for some reason, she was compelled to go. If she hadn’t been on that street corner that night, Officer Resnick wouldn’t have been killed and Officer Wilson wouldn’t have been shot. She hadn’t pulled the trigger on either one of them, but she still felt responsible. If only…
    Though she couldn’t change that night, she could go to the funeral and pay her respects to a man who by all reports had been a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather. She owed him that much.
    She had decided to skip the church service because it was likely to be crowded and well covered by the press. Instead, she drove straight to the cemetery and parked on a side street. It was easy to find the grave site, so she had time to look around and find a spot from which she could watch without getting in the way.
    The cemetery was large and well established. Roughly chiseled tombstones from the mid-1800s mingled with granite monoliths from the twenty-first century. Huge carved angels and elaborate crosses were scattered over the manicured lawns, and a generous sprinkling of American flags waved next to many of the markers. Mature cottonwoods and several different types of evergreens offered spots of shade on the gently rolling landscape.
    Kate picked a spot at the top of a small hill, next to a thirty-foot blue spruce whose sprawling limbs would provide her some degree of obscurity while allowing her an excellent vantage point. She didn’t have long to wait before the procession entered the cemetery and began wending its way to the dark green awning and wooden folding chairs that had been set up next to the open grave.
    Larry’s white cruiser draped with black crepe led the way. The light bar and all the other emergency lights were on, flashing, blinking, and rotating, washing the landscape in reds, blues, and whites. The hearse and two limos followed slowly, and what appeared to be an endless row of cop cars, ambulances, and even a few fire trucks trailed behind. The cruiser, the limos, and the hearse stopped by the grave, and the other cars continued farther down before stopping.
    While the pallbearers took the flag-draped coffin to the platform suspended over the grave, doors began opening, and hundreds of cops, firemen, and paramedics poured out. Kate watched as the overwhelming numbers of police officers grouped in their respective departments. All of the cities and counties that made up the greater Denver area were well represented. In their dress uniforms, the officers lined up and began to march in orderly rows to the grave.
    The family members, supported by several officers, exited the limos and were escorted to the seating area. The officers lined up, still in their departmental

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