Agent M: Testament (The Agent M Series Book 2)

Agent M: Testament (The Agent M Series Book 2) by L.M. Vila Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Agent M: Testament (The Agent M Series Book 2) by L.M. Vila Read Free Book Online
Authors: L.M. Vila
under their asses to get it moving.
    “What's the fucking hold up?” Shouted Meryl leaning past Michael's muscular frame.
    Every nearby stagehand turned to another wondering if they knew exactly what was supposed to happen next which just so happened to irk Meryl towards the breaking point.
    “Is everyone in the fucking building dense? Play the Goddamn song... Now!”
    The speakers lit up, shouting massive waves of barely translatable heavy metal music through every corner of the arena. Meryl hadn't been filled into every detail as to what she was supposed to say but figured this would be her once and a lifetime chance to stick it to some upper-class businessmen that just happened to trigger some repressed childhood memories.
    “Aw yea!” She shouted into the microphone, trailing the final word for a few pressing seconds.
    Meryl and Michael broke through the curtain. The crowd of onlookers offered their respective cheers and jeers at the pair. Women of course hooted at Michael's impressive body and men whistled at Meryl like she just walked passed a construction site, some even asked for her hand in marriage. The attractiveness of this outfit lifted Meryl's confidence. The ring must have been a good hundred feet away. Plenty of time to lay into these assholes.
    “Listen up bitches. Open up your shallow minds and feast your eyes on some prime real estate. This is the pinnacle of male evolution.”
    Michael nearly reacted to that comment. She had no idea home close to home her words really were. They continued to move about the arena with Meryl slinging a few more obscenities at the nearby audience members for good measure. Her eyes caught wind of specific attendees donning blue handkerchiefs in their front jacket pocket, signaling them as members of the Vegas undercover group waiting for the signal to call the S.W.A.T. team on standby.
    “Standing at six-feet, three inches and weighing in at two-hundred and thirty pounds of solid muscle, you'll never see a fighting force of his caliber for as long as your privileged-fucking lives have to offer.”
    Michael gave short glances to the crowd. He snuck a peak at the armed security members watching this event. There were at least a dozen of them. They had no shame brandishing their UMP machine guns as if it were a fashion statement than a weapon. If things escalated beyond Michael's control, his thoughts quickly drifted to the safety of his partner. Granted, he might have to show equal concern for anyone trying to cross her during the anticipated chaos.
    Just a few more feet separated them from the four-cornered ring. They walked up the short steel steps and glided through the ropes one at a time. Meryl boldly shot her finger out at the man known as Ryoo Myung-Dae and shouted one last insult to stir the pot.
    “This weak sack of brainless meat is about to feel the sheer, unadulterated power of the incredible Hot Shit Johnny Rage!”
    Although unwarranted, it certainly had a uniquely positive effect in cementing Meryl's role as Onyx. The microphone dropped on and she promptly kicked it into the crowd. Her blatantly disregard for authority and procedures should seal the deal quite nicely. She gave Ryoo a snide last look, noticing that he wasn't the least bit impressed with her performance and headed in Michael's direction. His eyes were locked on that of his opponent, almost forgetting to breathe at some point.
    Lips quickly pecked on Michael's cheek, nearly snapping him out of focus. Meryl made sure to give enough pressure to notice but not leave any lasting trails of black lipstick.
    “Knock'em dead champ,” she whispered into his ear with an unexpected level of seduction
    A heavy hand slapped against Michael's right buttock as Meryl sprung out of the ring and took her place in his corner. They'd only been on this assignment for barely a day and Michael feared that she had taken this role a bit too seriously. Hopefully this experience won't scar any of her other finer and

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