Alchemist Academy: Book 2

Alchemist Academy: Book 2 by Matt Ryan Read Free Book Online

Book: Alchemist Academy: Book 2 by Matt Ryan Read Free Book Online
Authors: Matt Ryan
back of Sarah’s seat.
    Sarah pulled forward into the building. “There are a few major differences in this academy versus the last one,” Sarah said. “They don’t approve of hate or anger-filled stones. They aren’t interested in the number of stones you make, but more the path you take to make each stone. Think of it like a holistic approach towards alchemy.”
    “I thought you said you weren’t good enough, and they kicked you out?” Mark asked.
    Sarah tightened her hands on the steering wheel as we crossed into the shadows of the building and stopped. Pinching her lips, she turned to him. “I got kicked out because I didn’t obey the rules. I created a club and got the talented students to make me stones through hate. Plus, they frowned upon my pregnancy.”
    Mark’s mouth dropped. “You got pregnant at the Academy?”
    She moved the car forward. “I was young, and there are a lot of temptations here. So be extra safe.”
    Mark stared holes into the side of her head before looking forward.
    We entered the building and took a quick right turn. A wall hid the rest of the building, and to the right and left of us were parked cars and trucks. Finding a parking spot, we came to a stop.
    “You didn’t bring us in here to kill us or anything?” Jackie’s said, taking in Sarah suspiciously.
    Sarah laughed. “No, you won’t find any of that kind of behavior here.” She opened the door and grabbed her purse. “Come on. It isn’t far.”
    We got out of the car and I took a moment to look around again for signs of an academy. It felt more like a mall parking garage than anything else.
    “Another thing you should note. Don’t be mean to other students, don’t smoke or use prank stones, or anything stupid like that,” Sarah said. “Just be good and you’ll be fine.”
    “When are they going to help us get back to the Dark Academy?” I asked. Bridget’s face flashed in my mind. Ever since I’d left her and the others behind, a knot had sat in my stomach. “And help me find my mom?”
    “I don’t know. The president here is . . . non-confrontational.”
    “Great. Some wuss isn’t going to help us. Why are we even here, then?” Jackie said.
    Sarah glanced over her shoulder at Jackie but kept walking along the row of cars. “Do you even know where it is? Do you think you’re just going to walk into the Dark Academy and Pied Piper the kids out with you?”
    “Just the Reds. I’m going to kick a few Blues in the balls on the way out, though.”
    Sarah sighed and stopped. “All of those kids have parents, and some, like Allie’s mom, are desperately trying to find them and get them out of there.”
    “Then why don’t we go to them instead of some hippie compound?”
    “That’s precisely why you’re here.” Sarah moved closer and we moved in as well. “Those parents are as hard to find as the Dark Academy itself.” She glanced at me and then to Mark. “This isn’t easy for me. I’m not allowed beyond those doors.” She pointed to the set of double steel doors at the end of the row of cars. “Lifetime ban. So it’ll be up to you to find the people in there who are in the know. They’ll be the ones who are in contact with your mom, I’ll bet my bottom dollar.”
    I stared at the double doors. Another step closer to getting those students out of the Dark Academy. But if I was honest with myself, I really wanted to find my mother more. I had so many questions. My nails dug into my hands as I thought about it.
    Sarah laughed. “Trust me, sweetie, this place is the farthest thing from the last place you were in.”
    “Fine. Let’s check this place out. I haven’t yelled at a person in hours,” Jackie said.
    Sarah shook her head and smiled. “They’re going to love you here, Jackie.” She turned and walked toward the door.
    I couldn’t take my eyes off the approaching doors. I thought of Willie Wonka and his great reveal of the chocolate waterfall room. Mark moved next to me and

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