ALIEN ROMANCE: Captivated by the Alien Lord (Alien Invasion Abduction SciFi Romance) (Kahara Lords Book 7)

ALIEN ROMANCE: Captivated by the Alien Lord (Alien Invasion Abduction SciFi Romance) (Kahara Lords Book 7) by Lindsay Blanc Read Free Book Online

Book: ALIEN ROMANCE: Captivated by the Alien Lord (Alien Invasion Abduction SciFi Romance) (Kahara Lords Book 7) by Lindsay Blanc Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lindsay Blanc
    “If we are to be companions, I would know your name.”
                  He smiled over at her, a wide, genuine sort of smile that set her somewhat at ease though she hardly knew him. “It is Fintan.”
                  She took note that he did not give a surname, but did not press for it. It he wished to give it, he would have.
                  “And mine is Mairead Curran.”
                  His brows lifted. “ The Mairead Curren, I presume.”
                  “The one and only.”
                  “A true pleasure indeed to meet you, then. I have always followed your exploits with interest.”
    She cast a sideways glance at him, uncertain whether he was mocking her or not. Some did, when they knew who she was, and the tall, muscled warrior type was the most prone to such an attitude. But when she turned enough to look at him, she found the expression on his face was as genuine as his tone.
    “And what have you discovered?” she asked. “In your scholarship?”
    His laugh was low and warm. “I have discovered,” he said, “that I would be a fool to cross you.”
    Mairead flashed a grin in his direction. “Then you have learned your lesson well.”
    In the evening, they made camp, and Fintan offered to share bread from his pack. Mairead shared cheese from hers, and they sat together in companionable silence as they ate. The horses too were settled down, grazing quietly side by side, their tails swishing. It was a peaceful night in the glow of the fire, the wind rustling through the leaves overhead.
    When they had finished their fare, Mairead unrolled her blankets and slipped off her high leather boots, settling down cross-legged in the center of her bed roll.
    “Where is it you travel?” she asked, meeting Fintan’s eyes across the space between them. In the fire’s glow they seemed almost amber, and his pale hair was chased with gold.
    “Northward,” he replied. “To the Wyndwae. Beyond that? I cannot say.”
    “Do you go to see the dragon, then?”
    He grinned, then, wide and full of teeth. “Is that what you seek in the Wyndwae? To slay a dragon?”
    “We shall see.” Mairead lifted one shoulder in a shrug. “I am not certain I believe the tale. It seems far-fetched. Most likely it is only a drake, and as I have heard no stories of towns burning, I am not much inclined to do any slaying.”
    His head tipped slightly to the side, and then he nodded, his manner seeming to offer respect for her words as well as agreement. The conversation for a moment ended, and he unlaced his own boots, dropping them to the side of his bed roll. Mairead pulled the leather jerkin she wore over her head, then stood to shimmy out of her leather trousers, not caring whether Fintan watched or not. Beneath, she wore green tunic and hose.
    When she looked up, he was watching her. A faint flush rose in her cheeks. She was not some shy maiden, to be so flustered by a look, but there was something in the intensity of his regard that heated her blood and her face. She dropped her gaze.
    “Do you look away because you wish me to stop looking, or because you wish me to continue?”
    He sounded nearer. She looked up once more to watch him move carefully around the fire, and then he was stepping onto her bed roll to reach out and brush the hair back from her face. She turned into the touch, and when she lifted her eyes to his, she saw that he was smiling, slow and hungry. 
    “Say it then, if you wish it.”
    She answered his smile with one of her own. “I wish it,” she said.

Chapter Four
    His fingers tangled in her hair, pulling her toward him with a sudden ferocity of desire that made her gasp. She wrapped her hands around his biceps, drawing him nearer with the same urgency. He laughed as his mouth closed over hers.
    It was the kiss of a man who knew not if he would see the next sunrise. A warrior’s kiss, fierce and giving no quarter. They

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