Alien Space Gods Of Ancient Greece and Rome

Alien Space Gods Of Ancient Greece and Rome by W.R. Drake Read Free Book Online

Book: Alien Space Gods Of Ancient Greece and Rome by W.R. Drake Read Free Book Online
Authors: W.R. Drake
night. Hercules killed the eagle and freed Prometheus. Atlas was condemned to bear the sky on his shoulders; to Epimetheus was given Pandora created by Vulcan, who brought with her a box containing every human affliction; on opening it all the evils escaped to plague the world but left therein was Hope. Later Zeus fought a sky-monster called Typhon, then he sent a great flood to destroy degenerate mankind. Prometheus made a huge box and saved his son, Deucalion, also his niece, Pyrrha, Pandora's daughter, to carry on the human race.
    Memories of Prometheus's heroic defiance of the Gods, appear to be world-wide. In India the Rig Veda mentions a race of priests called Bhrigus to whom Matarishvan brought the secret fire stolen from heaven. The Chinese extol the hero, Kun, who stole from the 'Lord' a 'swelling mold', magical soil which expanded and filled the dykes to hold back the floods. The 'Lord' angered at the theft had Kun executed at Feather Mountain , a darksome place in the Far North."
    Plutarch wrote that Cronus, Ruler of the Golden Age, was deposed by Jupiter and imprisoned in Britain ; Diodorus Siculus described the 'Arrow of Apollo', which destroyed the Hyperboreans in their Land of the Blest. Celtic bards and Norse scalds sang of the same war in the skies with titanic blasts and the weary Gods retreating to the stars leaving the shattered Earth for Man to build again.
    The peoples of Antiquity marveled at these brilliant civilisations illuminating the past, yet their souls with wondrous inspiration sought mystic communion in that transcendent secret wisdom of the Gods, the glorious Spacemen, whose plaintive echoes still haunted those silent, shrouded, ancient Lands of the West.

Chapter Two Space Gods of Ancient Greece
    'Sky was the first, who ruled over the whole world.'
    The Greeks gloried in the patronage of the Gods, immortal Spacemen, disporting beyond the clouds on Mount Olympus , whence they would oft descend in mortal disguise for amorous adventures inspiring all the Poets of Antiquity. Athenians, proud of their democracy, disdained all lesser humanity as barbarians and fought to the death against those great Kings of Persia, who sought to enslave free men in oriental despotism, yet those same Democrats cherished an affection for their Celestial family like absent friends. People rarely associated the Gods with religion, their barnyard morality brought blushes even to Greeks still savouring sensual delights; such virility aroused the envy of Ovid, whose erotic 'Art of Love' scandalised Augustan Rome. In national crises, Deities winged down to aid the hard-pressed patriots at Marathon and Salamis ; should one linger to seduce some willing wench no father complained. Who could lock up his daughters against the lust of the Gods? Were not the greatest heroes of old heaven-born, the sons of virgins, the noblest men in the land? What pleased the Greeks most perhaps was that the Gods showed such good sense; unlike Jehovah, Who dominated the daily lives of the Jews, Father Zeus during the last few centuries was content to leave the Athenians alone to work out their own democracy, the wonder of the world. He need not interfere. Certainly no Greek grudged Zeus retirement The old tales were much confused, even learned philosophers disputed these legends of ancient times, no one was sure who lived in the stars, though all believed the first Kings of Earth came down from the sky. Zeus had toiled and suffered to save mankind in titanic wars and cataclysms; His power still preserved the free peoples of Greece .
    The virile Gods and vivacious Goddesses of Greece in warm humanity inspired poets and artists to enchant the world. Surely those marvellous tales were more than allegories with hidden meaning, symbols for sacred truths or personifications of natural forces theorised by our mycologists, who ignorant of Visitants from Space are confined to conventional thought-patterns of Earth. Myth is not

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