Alive! Not Dead!

Alive! Not Dead! by R.M. Smith Read Free Book Online

Book: Alive! Not Dead! by R.M. Smith Read Free Book Online
Authors: R.M. Smith
Tags: Zombies
with blood, but not bad.
    “I got ya, Tara.  Don’t worry.  Just let me get a better grip here.”
    I tried to stand up.  I got into a low bending position when a dead gargled right behind me.
    “ Oh fuck .”
    The tire iron and crescent wrench were up above.
    The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end.  I couldn’t see the dead, but I could feel it behind me.  It felt like it was breathing down my neck, sniffing me, getting ready for a nice big juicy bite.
    I pulled Tara up, but she was still stuck there.  I couldn’t get her up.
    “Dan get me up!”
    “I can’t! You’re stuck!”
    There was nothing for her to hold onto if I let her go.  Our hands were linked above the tilted slab.  If I were to let go, she would be gone, down into the deep crevasse.
    The dead was there, behind me, ready to pounce.
    I had no choice.  I needed to fight this dead off or we were both going to die.
    I let go of Tara’s right hand.  She screamed.  All of her weight went onto her left slippery hand.  I turned around, still bent at the knee to see the dead only inches away from me.  It had no skin around its mouth.  The skin looked to have been ripped from its face by something.  Bare teeth and bloody gums chopped at me.  I swung out with my right hand and foot and was lucky enough to catch the dead off balance.  I must have gotten in a good hit because it went easily down onto its butt.
    This gave me a second to turn around and grab Tara’s left arm aga in.  This time with both hands! When her weight shifted, it loosened whatever she had been stuck on, so I was able to pull her up just a little bit.
    The n the whole tilted slab let go.
    It tilted up a bit more away from me.  Its weight was too much.
    “ Dan! No!”
    “Hold on!” I screamed.
    I couldn’t hold her.  There was too much pressure.  There was no way I could hold onto her, no matter what I did…the slab was just too heavy…
    The slab slid away.
    Her hands were ripped from my grip.
    I watched helplessly as she went down with the slab.  A few seconds later I heard loud crashing down below.
    The dead was still next to me, almost back up on its feet.
    With my adrenaline rush, I reached for the dead, grabbed it by the front of its shirt, and like an idiot, threw the fucking thing over the edge.
    “ Fuck! Why did I do that?” I hollered realizing what I had just done.  I had just thrown a zombie down where Tara was.  “Tara!” I yelled “ You ok?”
    All I could hear was the rushing sound of the river.  I quickly looked around for a way down.  I couldn’t see anything but destruction surrounding me.
    I needed to see if Tara was ok.
    I made my way along some jaggy edges to get down to the bottom of the crevasse.
    It took a long time to get down to her.
    When I got there, all of my hopes were drained.  The dead that I had thrown off in my fit of rage had found Tara.  It had eaten her.
    There were other bigger pieces of slab that had crashed down into the crevasse as well as several other destroyed vehicles.
    Tara landed on a boulder and I was hopeful that the impact had killed her.
    I didn’t mean it in a bad way.  I would never hope that someone would die, but in this case I did hope that her death was instant because her back was obviously broken.  It would have been horrible for her to be lying there paralyzed with a broken back watching a dead come walking toward her.
    There would have been nothing she could have done but lie there and get eaten.
    The boulder was covered in blood all around her.  Some of the blood had run down the boulder in spots in rivulets.  She laid there, her legs spread, her pants still down to her ankles.  The zombie had eaten her from just below her chin all the way down to her crotch.  Her body had been ripped open.  Her vertebrae was broken in half.  Part of it stuck up out of her body.  Her belly button piercing was gone.  It looked like she had been crushed by the cement slab because it was still

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