Altercation by Tamara Hart Heiner Read Free Book Online

Book: Altercation by Tamara Hart Heiner Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tamara Hart Heiner
into it, the door opened.
    She heard a giggle at the next locker over. She watched out of the corner of her eye as Sasha Nuñez slipped into her boyfriend’s football jersey. The girl snuggled into his embrace, and then flounced down the hall, her cheerleader miniskirt barely concealing her bloomers. A group of girls at the end of the hallway greeted her. They erupted into squeals and laughter.
    Megan suppressed a sigh. Stop it . Boyfriends aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, anyway. Or popularity. Not that she’d know. She had been on her fair share of dates. Even had some kisses. But definitely not anything she could call a relationship.
    “Hey, Megan.” Someone poked her in the waist.
    She yelped and spun around, slapping her younger brother Spencer on the shoulder. “Jerk!” She hugged her physics book to her chest.
    He grinned at her. “You always do that.” He grabbed the car keys off her finger. “Can I drive? Can I can I can I can I?”
    “No way.” She scowled and took the key ring back. “You barely got your license.” Her eyes shifted one last time toward Sasha Nuñez.
    Spencer followed her gaze and gave a low whistle.
    “Spencer!” Megan hissed, her blue eyes narrowing to slits. Last thing she needed was her own brother hitting on Sasha.
    “Don’t worry, sis, she’s out of my league. I’m just looking. Besides, I like the hoop ladies.” He mimicked tossing a ball through a hoop in the air in front of them.
    “I want out of here.”
    He shot her a sidelong look and opened the door to the parking lot. “We’re going home.”
    She stomped her foot impatiently. “No. Here.” She gestured behind her. “This school. This city. I need something bigger.”
    He grunted. “Me too. At least this is your senior year. I still have three to go.”
    “Yeah that. Sorry, kiddo.” Megan unlocked the white Honda Accord and they climbed inside.
    “Besides.” Spencer tossed his backpack on the seat behind him. “In a week we’re taking off again. Gonna visit the girls’ families, like Dad promised.”
    Megan sighed. “Idaho. What fun.” Couldn’t they ever take a real vacation?
    The engine gave a sluggish grunt before turning over and starting. Megan kept her foot on the gas, coaxing it out of the parking lot.

Chapter Seven
    T he least these guys could do is invest in an X-box,” Ricky complained, his fingers working on the Nintendo controllers as if they had a mind of their own. “I mean, this thing is so old school. I think my Grandma used to play this.”
    “Just be glad we have one,” Neal replied, not looking away from the television screen. His avatar threw a ball of fire at Ricky’s. “Grandma couldn’t even afford this old thing.”
    Jaci watched them, and had to admit it was obvious that neither of them had much practice. She was quite certain that she could beat them. Having two brothers forced her to be skilled in the arts of video games.
    She had never really thought about the fact that her family didn’t struggle for money. She just assumed her dad had a good job. Where did the money come from, if he wasn’t even employed?
    She wondered if the twins missed their grandmother. The woman had died a few weeks before the boys met the girls. Her death helped motivate them to leave their town behind. But they rarely mentioned her.
    “You’re beating me, Neal!” Ricky cried. “How is this even possible?”
    The game system beeped out an old-fashioned tune, and the words “Game Over” flashed across the screen. Neal grinned and popped his fingers. “You lose.”
    Upstairs a door slammed shut, and Banks’ voice called down, “Lunch is here!”
    Ricky dropped his controller and ran up the stairs as eagerly as a five-year-old.
    “Oh my gosh, I’m starving,” Amanda said, heading up after him.
    Sara didn’t budge from the corner of the couch where she huddled.
    Jaci held out her hand. “Come sit with us, Sara. Maybe you’ll see something that looks good.”
    Sara let

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