Always Been Mine

Always Been Mine by Victoria Paige Read Free Book Online

Book: Always Been Mine by Victoria Paige Read Free Book Online
Authors: Victoria Paige
was bleached lighter by the sun, and her unusual hazel eyes were sparkling with contentment. In short, she was positively glowing.
    “Don’t you look so sun-kissed and annoyingly beautiful.”
    “Are we doing this mutual admiration thing?” Caitlin smirked and walked in.
    Beatrice snorted. “Nah, my ego is brimming right now.”
    The other woman eyed her outfit. Beatrice was dressed in a mid-length flounce, flirty skirt in a teal color that complimented her red hair.
    “So what am I wearing?”
    Beatrice smiled in feline smugness. “You will love the dress.”

    They had been in the inner sanctum of Diamond Owl for a few minutes now. Beatrice wasn’t feeling it. No way could she do what she was witnessing to a sex partner. What made her think she was a domme? Those damned erotica books she loved reading in her spare time would be her downfall.  
    Caitlin, Emily, and Beatrice managed to snag a good spot near the stage where a barrier kept the crowd at bay. On display was a woman shackled to what Beatrice knew was a St. Andrew’s Cross. Said woman was being flogged and then felt up for her wetness.
    “Oh, my,” Caitlin whispered. “You think you can whip a guy like that, check how hard he is, and then whip him again?”
    “Shut up,” Beatrice retorted, feeling like slinking away and escaping. So much for her big bluster earlier.
    Caitlin whispered something to Emily. Beatrice leaned in to listen to their conversation when a hand gripped her upper arm firmly.  
    “Come on, Bee.”  
    What the hell was he doing here?
    Beatrice caught sight of Travis’s unmistakable form crowding Caitlin. Uh-oh. Busted!
    She had an uncontrollable compulsion to laugh. Maybe it was the couple of drinks she’d had, or she was just finding the whole situation amusing. The minute she and Nate left the room, she burst out laughing.
    “Oh, my God!” she chortled. “Poor Caitlin. She’s going to get it. Wait until Travis gets a load of that dress.”
    “You are so much trouble, Ms. Porter,” Nate declared.
    “You’re one to talk. You ratted us out again.”
    “Hey, bros before hoes and all that, you know.” He smirked.
    “You owe me a drink.”
    “Come on, then.”
    They both started for the bar when Beatrice stopped in her tracks. Gabe was standing before them, glowering at Nate. Her friend tensed beside her, clocking the threat immediately.
    “Am I right to assume that’s Gabriel Sullivan?” Nate murmured in her ear.
    Beatrice nodded.
    Nate immediately stepped in front of her, facing Gabe squarely. Both men were almost the same height, Gabe maybe an inch taller at six-four and definitely bulkier. However, Nate was no slouch with his lean compact muscles either.  
    “Turn around and walk away,” Nate growled softly.
      “Nathan Reece, right?” Gabe said with a tight smile. “I guess I don’t need to tell you who I am. You should also know that this won’t end well if you stop me from talking to Beatrice.”
    “So you wanna take this outside?”   Nate goaded.
    Yep, time to step in.
    “I got this, Nate.”
    “He’ll only keep coming back,” Beatrice whispered harshly to her friend. “My problem. My solution. Stand down.”
    Nate’s jaw clenched. Indecision was written all over his face. He nodded jerkily then returned his gaze to the other man. Without another word to Gabe, he deliberately shouldered past him.  
    “Hey, poppy,” Gabe greeted her quietly.
    Beatrice nodded to the exit. “Let’s go.”  

    The second they cleared the club steps, Beatrice whirled on Gabe and shoved him on the shoulder.
    “What is wrong with you, huh?” Beatrice screeched. “You keep following me everywhere. Do you know how creepy that is?”
    “Since when have you become so violent, babe?” Gabe mock massaged his left shoulder.
    He wasn’t taking her seriously. Nothing had changed. He could still annoy the hell out of her and at the same time turn her on. Seeing all that

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