Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace by Nancy Allen Read Free Book Online

Book: Amazing Grace by Nancy Allen Read Free Book Online
Authors: Nancy Allen
soon as Mom got home from work, we huddled on the settee and read each letter out loud. Daddy’s military unit had landed in England, a country in Europe. I hurried to Grandma’s wall map, found England and traced my hand over the whole country.
    Daddy was wrong for the very first time. He said I’d be fine. He said he would be home soon. Well, one thing for certain, I, Grace Ann Brewer, was not fine. I missed Daddy’s goodnight stories. I missed his hugs. I missed seeing him every day. Daddy picked a fine time to be wrong!
    Being away from home wasn’t Daddy’s fault. I knew that. I also knew that Mom, Johnny and Grandma missed him as much as I did.
    Grandma turned on the wireless after supper, and we sat around it listening for any news that might have something, anything, to do with Daddy. Each week we listened to Walter Winchell. Tonight, the radio crackled throughout the broadcast, so I listened extra carefully to hear each word. Winchell talked about the power of the Allied forces.
    â€œThey’re Daddy’s troops,” I told Johnny.
    â€œI know,” Johnny said. “That’s the United States, Britain and Candy.”
    â€œCanada,” I whispered. “Not Candy.”
    Winchell talked so fast the crackling sounds blocked many of his words. The best I could hear was that the war was still in full swing. A peace treaty didn’t seem likely anytime soon. The newsman also talked about the Axis forces and how German Nazis were killing innocent people.
    Johnny looked surprised and rolled his eyes up toward me.
    â€œBedtime,” Mom said quickly and switched off the wireless.
    Johnny darted into our room and high dived onto his bed. Mom followed and picked up toys to make a path.
    As I crawled under the covers, Mom perched on the edge of Johnny’s bed and read a story about a prince who turned into a frog and back to a prince.

    When Mom closed the book, she told us a goodnight story. Her stories were about the times we spent together with Daddy—picnics on Sunday afternoon, fishing in the North Fork of the Kentucky River and dancing. Tonight, she told us about the day she and Daddy got married.
    â€œI wore the most beautiful dress in the world for the handsomest man ever,” Mom said. A smile curled her mouth as she told us all about her special day.
    Mom’s wedding dress was beautiful. Every year on their anniversary, Mom wore her wedding dress and Daddy called her his bride. Johnny and I called her a princess because she looked like one in her fancy outfit.
    â€œI don’t remember your wedding,”Johnny said. “Was I there?”
    â€œNo, precious, you weren’t born yet,” Mom answered. She told us about their honeymoon at Cumberland Falls State Park and seeing a moonbow, a rainbow in the mist when the full moon glowed.
    â€œI want to see a moonbow,” Johnny said.
    â€œMe too,” I echoed my brother.
    â€œWhen Daddy comes home, we’ll take a trip and see a moonbow,” Mom said. She kissed Johnny and then walked over to my bed and kissed me. “Sweet dreams,” she whispered as she closed the door.
    In the middle of the night, Johnny’s snores turned to snorts and then to mumbling and grumbling. I couldn’t understand exactly what he said, but I made out the word “Daddy.” I could tell he was having a dream but not a sweet one. Johnny mumbled again.
    I crawled out of my bed and slid my feet along the floor, scooting his stuff out of the way. I tried to get to Johnny without killing myself. Ouch! I stubbed my toe on his toy truck. I grabbed my foot and fell onto his bed. Johnny didn’t wake up, but he mumbled, “Daddy” again. I snuggled with him for a few minutes, and he quieted down. “If I stub my toe one more time on his toys that were scattered all over the floor, that boy might have to sleep by himself with his next not-so-sweet dream,” I muttered.
    When Johnny

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