Ambition 2: A Dark Billionaire Romance (Driven)

Ambition 2: A Dark Billionaire Romance (Driven) by Lauren Landish Read Free Book Online

Book: Ambition 2: A Dark Billionaire Romance (Driven) by Lauren Landish Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lauren Landish
bar. Lot of Confederation guys would come down around there, and you know how stories get passed around. In hindsight I realize she wasn’t ready for that.”
    I shook my head “And now I’m afraid that I’ve screwed things up with Tabby. I can’t lose her."
    Mark nodded, interlacing his fingers in front of him. "All right," he finally said after a moment, "get out of here, I'll talk with Tabby and Sophie. For the record, I don't think you screwed everything up, but I'm not a psychic. Go get some rest at home, and maybe Tabby will give you a call tomorrow. I don't know. She was probably just shocked that’s all.”
    I nodded and grabbed my bag. "Snowman..."
    "Mark, please."
    "All right, Mark. Thanks. I know I shouldn't be asking you to intervene for me, but thanks."
    Mark nodded and I headed out the back door of Mount Zion, which ironically was the front door of the sanctuary. They'd changed things around a lot. Mark walked with me, unlocking the door and letting me out that way. As I walked through, I felt his hand clamp on my wrist, iron hard and unforgiving. "Patrick."
    "This is a warning from me. I know what you did wasn’t intentional, and you meant well, but if you intentionally fuck around on Tabby, you won't make me happy. Don't make me unhappy with you, okay? She can’t take much more.”
    I saw in his eyes the ruthless man he could be, and I nodded. I knew the story of Scott Pressman, even if Mark didn't know that I knew.
    Scott deserved everything he’d gotten, but he got off lucky.

    T he next morning , Gwen brought me a coffee as I sat at my desk. I still wasn't wearing suit coats in the office most of the time, but I was at least wearing shoes that needed to be polished and not cleaned with an old toothbrush like I did with high tops.
    "You look distracted boss," she said. Gwen had called me boss from the moment I hired her, a term that I took as a positive. At her interview, I was 'Councilman McCaffery.' Now I was 'boss.' It was a definite improvement. "Anything you want to talk about?"
    "No, just personal life," I told Gwen. "What's the schedule look like for the rest of the day?"
    "You've got a meeting with the Mayor at one o'clock, and then a local Boy Scout troop is coming by at four. They've got a bunch of kids who want to interview you, it's part of their promotion requirements. Oh, and don't forget that tomorrow you've got the city engineers coming by. They're bringing you the updates on their building inspections in your district."
    "That sounds like fun," I muttered under my breath. "Thanks, Gwen. By the way, any calls from Bishop Traylor or Ms. Berkowitz?"
    "Not today boss. Are we expecting a call from them?” Gwen's little smile told me that she was familiar with my feelings towards those two particular scoundrels. She was much bubblier than the few times I met Tabby's assistant Vanessa, but so far had been a great help. I could actually see getting on top of things around the office. "Also, before I go, any idea on if or when you want to hire another assistant? You've got the space in your budget."
    "Not yet. If you want to look at what would be best, I'll be happy to talk about it later. Maybe in between the Mayor and the Boy Scouts you can give me some ideas. You've got some political experience."
    It was the biggest reason I'd hired Gwen. While not an active campaigner, she had worked as an admin assistant for a PAC in college, according to her resume. She was also very insightful so far in the time she'd been working for me, and had handled things well the time I was out after being shot.
    "Of course boss."
    Gwen left, and I felt my mood dampen again. I had left my phone near me all day, hoping that Tabby would call or text me. Instead, my phone sat silent, and with every passing minute, I knew I was getting more and more in a funk.
    Telling myself I was acting like an idiot didn't help. I'd been doing that ever since the words 'I love you' came out of my mouth. I knew

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