American Gangster

American Gangster by Tiffany Lordes Read Free Book Online

Book: American Gangster by Tiffany Lordes Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tiffany Lordes
Then I fucked her in the ass as she screamed and begged me to fuck her ass harder.
    I pulled out of her ass and fed her my cock and you’d have thought it was her last meal the way she gobbled that shit down.
    Reaching over her back I fucked her pussy from behind with my fingers before grabbing the flashlight from the night table to do the job.
    She actually spread her legs wider to accept my violation. I fucked her with the flashlight as she licked my cock clean before throwing her to her back and climbing between her legs.
    “Hold your legs up and open.” With her legs opened like that her pussy lips pulled back and I could see into her pussy. “Say hi daddy.” She faltered a bit but the drug had her in its clutches. “Hi daddy.” Even so her voice was a little weak. She was fighting it, too bad.
    I slammed my cock into her and pounded away in her cunt, she bucked and moaned as her nails tore strips off my back and she threw the pussy up at me like a little bitch in heat.
    “Fuck me fuck me fuck me.” I fucked her hard and bit into her flesh making her cream my cock. “You’re a little slut, just like your mother.” I had the camera ready when she caught my words.
    “You…who are you?” She was questioning me but her body was still moving. “Your brother Gage.” I came a fuck load inside her before I remembered I wasn’t wearing a condom.
    Oh well I wasn’t planning on letting her go anyway so it didn’t matter…


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