Among the Chaos: Book 2 of the Soldiers of Chaos MC Series

Among the Chaos: Book 2 of the Soldiers of Chaos MC Series by A.A. Askevold Read Free Book Online

Book: Among the Chaos: Book 2 of the Soldiers of Chaos MC Series by A.A. Askevold Read Free Book Online
Authors: A.A. Askevold
    Tex could definitely see the logic there too. Nikki was the daughter of their man-at-arms, the surrogate daughter of their president and the darling of their club. Plus it didn’t hurt that she was also a woman and also the only woman their VP had ever loved. They would not be going to war with Bridges, they would be bringing hell itself down on the man's head.
    "You would."
    "What did you find out while you were snooping around Lenny's place?"
    " We didn’t get a chance to get inside so not much. Except there's no way Lenny could afford the digs he was living in. The houses in the estate belong to Black so we know Black was paying Lenny's way for some reason," he answered her question, "Black rocked up while we were there but we had to cut out, the boss was calling."
    Trace broke his silent contemplation, "I still don’t see why Black would need Lenny to kill you. Surely if Bridges wanted to start a war, then Black would want us to know it was him. He wouldn’t need to hide behind Lenny. If it was revenge for his brother, maybe he wouldn’t want to draw attention to Bridges, but he'd have no way of knowing it was you that killed him. No way."
    They were going round in circles here.
    "Look none of this is concrete and none of it fits quite right. We're just going round in circles," Tex stated.
    "You think it's Bridges hitting the shipments right?" Nikki asked, "And you think he's behind the drugs? So why hasn’t he approached us? He sent Black out to talk to Bull yet here we sit none the wiser."
    That’s something Tex had considered. Why hadn’t Bridges approached the club? Instead he was attempting to poison their streets and take their business from them without so much as a warning or an ultimatum.
    “I don’t know why he hasn’t come to us,” he replied.
    “Because he doesn’t want to work with us. He wants to destroys us slowly, piece by piece. The question is why?” Nikki frowned, “It feels personal Tex.”
    She was right. If he wanted to take over the business why not just do what he did with t he Crows and offer a deal? It felt like a level above and beyond business.
    “What about the hits on the shipments? Any clear indication it is him? Any messages? Anything?” Nikki was clearly as frustrated as Tex was.
    “That first hit. We managed to get hold of one of the guy’s. He said he worked for someone and no one,” Trace explained.
    “That fits Bridges,” Nikki nodded.
    What was that other thing he said? Tex wracked his brain trying to remember the phrase.
    “What did he say when you asked him how he knew about the shipment?”
    Trace shrugged in reply to Tex’s question.
    “ Et tu Brutus or something like that.”
    Nikki knew that phrase. He meant et tu Brute. William Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar. They were the last words of a dying man to his traitorous best friend. Was he trying to say that someone had betrayed them? That a club member would turn on them like that was just beyond belief for Nikki. She knew that explaining what it meant would only support the boy’s traitor theory. She said nothing.
    "So you've been keeping me out of the loop on a lot of things?" She asked.
    She wasn't angry about it. The boys were only doing what they thought was best.
    "We were waiting for you to come back from that place you were in," Trace explained quietly.
    Nikki nodded her head. She was back from that place and she needed back into her life.
    "Well I'm back now and I want in on everything."
    Tex and Trace both nodded in agreement.
    "We're with you on that one Baby girl but it's not going to be easy. Some of the old boys are saying you're a liability."
    She should’ve known that was coming. It wasn't the first time she'd experienced resistance to her being an active member of the club.
    Her first steps in were through a cracked window, a back door, the shadows of a dirty alley. The boys refused to let her in so she would

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