An Accidental Mom

An Accidental Mom by Loree Lough Read Free Book Online

Book: An Accidental Mom by Loree Lough Read Free Book Online
Authors: Loree Lough
with her doctor, or because Cammi had mentioned prayer. The latter, probably, she decided, remembering what Georgia had said about his faith crisis.
    “I didn’t pack a suit for Nate, but we have three weeks to buy—”
    “He doesn’t need a suit,” Lily cut in. “He’s four years old. No one’s going to notice if he’s not dressed up like a tuxedo advertisement.”
    Cammi pointed. “Oh, Max, is that li’l cutie over there Nate?”
    He looked over his shoulder to where his son sat, deep in concentration as he colored on construction paper, and nodded. Lily couldn’t help but notice how his entire demeanor changed at the mere sight of the boy. He stood taller and smiled. Not that half-baked grin he’d been tossing around since he’d come home, but a genuine, full-faced, two-dimpled smile. If anyone doubted Max’s love for Nate, they need only see him now to believe how much his son meant to him.
    Lily frowned. “He looks a little pale today. I hope he isn’t coming down with something.”
    Max’s wide grin faded. “His appetite has been off the past week or so. And he isn’t sleeping well, either.”
    “Probably just having trouble adjusting to the climate,” Cammi offered. “The Texas Panhandle is very different from Illinois.”
    “Yeah, maybe.” But Max didn’t seem convinced, as evidenced by his worried expression. He faced them suddenly and whipped out his order tablet. “So, what can I get you ladies?”
    “What, no waitress today?” Lily asked, grinning.
    “Flat tire or something,” he said. “So I’m ‘it’ until she gets here.”
    Cammi was on her feet in no time. “You handle the cash register,” she told him, tying an apron around her waist. “I remember from our high schooldays what happens when someone puts a food-laden tray in your hands.” Closing her eyes, she looked at the ceiling. “Anyone wearing a white shirt when you walked by was in trouble!”
    A quiet thump captured everyone’s attention.
    A woman got to her feet, knocking her plate on the floor when she did. “This little boy just fell out of his booth!” she shouted, pointing.
    Max was beside his son in a heartbeat. “Nate?” He gave the semiconscious boy a gentle shake. “Nate, what’s wrong?”
    Lily stood behind him, one hand on his shoulder. Nate’s brown eyes looked even darker in his ashen face. Hearing his long, ragged breaths, she said, “We need to get him to the hospital, now.” She gave Max’s shoulder a squeeze. “I’ll bring my car around and meet you out front in a minute.”
    Max’s worried eyes met hers briefly before he turned his attention back to Nate.
    Lily grabbed her purse from the table and raced for the door, dialing her cell phone as she went.
    “Don’t you worry,” Cammi told Max. “Andy and I will handle things here.” She met the cook’s eyes. “Right, Andy?”
    “You bet,” he said with a jerk of his spatula.
    Cammi held open the diner’s door while Max hurried to Lily’s waiting car. “I’ve already called ahead,” she said, buckling the seat belt over him and Nate. “They’ll have someone waiting at the E.R. entrance.”
    “Thanks,” he said, as she got behind the wheel.
    It didn’t escape her notice that there were tears in his eyes when he said it.
    Tires squealing, she pealed away from the curb.
    Lily glanced at Max, who held his son close. Worry creased his handsome brow and made his jaw muscles bulge as he stared through the windshield. She reached across the seat to pat his hand. “Don’t worry,” she said. “Everything will be fine. He’s in the Lord’s capable hands.”
    Max grunted, then pressed a kiss to Nate’s temple.
    Pay him no mind, Lord, she prayed. He’s just had a rough go of things lately. But even as the thought formed, Lily knew better; Max had been nursing his grudge against the Almighty for a long, long time. But she didn’t have to worry. The God she had come to know had a great capacity for love, infinite patience,

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