An Unconventional Murder

An Unconventional Murder by Kenneth L. Levinson Read Free Book Online

Book: An Unconventional Murder by Kenneth L. Levinson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kenneth L. Levinson
Tags: Mystery, Colorado, Writing, Murder - Investigation
him. "It's been a long time, but I still
remember the routine. Even with new technologies, I can't imagine that the basics have changed
all that much. Why don't you let me help you?"
    Cameron took time to study the writer. "You're kidding, right?"
    "I'm dead serious, Cameron. I know I'm one of the suspects, at least technically. For all
you know, I killed that man in cold blood. Especially with the stiff wearing my hat when he was
found. But first off," he said, meeting Cameron's eyes, "you have my word as a cop, even a
former cop, that I had nothing to do with this. Second, the way I figure it, you can't gather all the
information you're going to need and still stay here babysitting the body. It's physically
impossible, even if you lock the corpse in this room and get back to it later. You're going to need
help. And I'm a logical person to render that service. Third, it pisses me off that this happened at my convention!"
    "All of us are willing to help," Rena offered in an earnest tone. "Just tell us what to do
and we'll do it."
    The other board members indicated their unanimous agreement.
    Cameron just stared. Getting these people involved in his investigation was out of the
question. In fact, it was totally absurd. A committee of amateurs offering to help solve a real life
murder? Not a chance!
    Ashley Wade grinned at the Detective. "Just think of us as the Baker Street Irregulars.
Only better educated."
    "The Baker Street what?"
    "He's referring to Sherlock Holmes," Upton explained. "He sometimes used the Baker
Street Irregulars to help him--"
    "I get it," Cameron interrupted. "Thanks, but I'll have to pass. This isn't fiction. This is
the real deal."
    "Maybe so, but you've still got a problem you can't handle by yourself."
    Cameron pursed his lips. Like it or not, he had to admit that Upton had a point. There
were several hundred people at this convention. And a crime scene to secure and inspect. He
couldn't do everything alone.
    Upton said, "I know what you're thinking, Cameron. These people know absolutely
nothing about criminal investigation. They're likely to do more harm than good. Especially if one
of them happens to be the one who committed the crime. But you don't have a lot of options here.
You know my background. Feel free to call New York, if you'd like. There must be a dozen men
in the Nineteenth Precinct who still remember me. The address is 153 East 67th Street. If I put
my mind to it, I can probably pull up the phone number. I know the area code is 212. I--"
    Cameron pulled out the little notebook he had brought for his presentation. "When did
you join the department? Understand, I'm not agreeing to--"
    "Nineteen seventy-five," Upton said. "It was shortly after they introduced the new
shoulder patch on their uniforms."
    Cameron gestured meaningfully toward the others.
    Upton answered the unspoken question. "They aren't trained investigators but they might
still be useful. They could gather all sorts of information for you. Ms. Oberhaus and Mr. Wade
are both mystery authors. Ashley is a financial planner. He also writes police procedurals. He
knows the drill."
    "I haven't had anything published yet, but I'm getting close," Ashley said, "I'd consider it
an honor to help out."
    "What about you?" Cameron asked Royce Fontaine. "Do you write mysteries, too?"
    Fontaine responded with a distasteful twitch of his nose. "No, sir, I do not. I write
historical novels. I leave the whodunits to others."
    Cameron directed his attention to Upton, brows raised in a silent question. He sensed
that the former cop would understand.
    Upton explained between clenched teeth, "Mr. Fontaine and I seldom see eye to eye on
anything, but I'd have to concede he has his talents. This may be a weak endorsement coming
from someone who is only capable of writing whodunits, but Mr. Fontaine is a genius when it
comes to research."
    Fontaine's eyes widened. "Why, thank you, Arthur. And I didn't mean any insult. I
    "Forget it," Upton

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