Andrew: Lanning’s Leap: Erotica Shapeshifter Romance (Lanning's Leap Book 5)

Andrew: Lanning’s Leap: Erotica Shapeshifter Romance (Lanning's Leap Book 5) by Kathi S. Barton Read Free Book Online

Book: Andrew: Lanning’s Leap: Erotica Shapeshifter Romance (Lanning's Leap Book 5) by Kathi S. Barton Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kathi S. Barton
them, she came toward them as if she was glad to have someone else there. Andrew walked to the curtained area and threw back the curtain back. Not only was the messy bed empty, but the cubical looked empty as well. He turned to the two nurses.
    “Where is she?” They looked at each other, then at him. “She ran, didn’t she? I mean, unless you have her hidden in your pocket, she’s left without your consent.”
    “She said that she had no insurance. And even if she could have afforded it, there wasn’t any way for her to pay for the deductible.” Andrew was nodding as he reached for his brothers to tell them what was going on. The nurse continued. “Poor little thing. When she woke up, she was so terrified that it took me nearly ten minutes to get her to calm down. But I did manage to give her something for pain.”
    “What did you give her?” When Andrew heard what it was, he revised his message to his brothers. She might be out of it by the time you find her. They gave her a nice dose of drugs to help her out, so maybe she’s close by and we won’t have to look too long to get her back here. I have no idea where to even begin. Try the buildings Phillip was talking about that she might be in.
    Andrew left the hospital to search for Laci after assuring his mom that he was going to be careful with her whether she was his mate or not. Talking with Phillip, he gained a great deal of personal information including her name, but he was still at a loss as to whether or not she was actually his mate.
    Just as he was leaving the building, he saw Thomas. As they came together in the parking lot, Andrew had the most insane need to hug him. He explained everything that had happened so far, as well as who the girl might be to him. That was when Thomas told him he knew where the girl was.
    “She’s not having an easy time of it. And when I did a search of the area for her like I was asked, I found a woman a few blocks from here that was in a great deal of pain. It’s receding now with the drugs I guess, but we have to find her. It’s why I came here as quickly as I could. You’re not going to like this, but I also have an idea who might want her dead.” Andrew stopped walking and looked at Thomas. “Sonya. I mean, I’m not positive, but I think it might be her. Sina said that she would have set it up so that none of us meet our mates, and that since you think this girl is yours, it would stand to reason that she’d be a target.”
    They drove to the building and were parking when he saw Laci. She was leaning against the wall to the smallest of the three abandoned buildings and there were two men with her. He could see that she was having some difficulties and got out of the car just as Thomas said his name.
    “If you kill them, there will be hell to pay. Not just from the police, but Mom will rip you a new ass.” Andrew knew that too but asked him what he was to do. “Just go there, get her, and come back here. Don’t engage in a war play with those idiots. They’re not worth it.”
    “It might be to me.” Thomas just rolled his eyes. “All right. I’ll try to behave. But I’m not making any promises. I’ve had a really shitty day so far.”
    “I would say that she has too. Don’t you think?” That calmed him and his cat just a little. “Go easy. As you know, Phillip has talked to her and she seemed all right with what he said, but she might still freak out a little.”
    Phillip had told him what he’d shown her as well as the things he’d told her. She had needed something, he’d told him, to get her mind off of the fact that she had been robbed by his company. He also told him that he had to protect her. And now that they knew she was his mate, that explained a great deal.
    The men with her were touching her, not hurting her that he could see, but they were trying to get her to go with them. Andrew politely but firmly told them to back off. The first guy did as he asked, the second one simply

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