Andromeda's Fall (Shadowcat Nation)

Andromeda's Fall (Shadowcat Nation) by Abigail Owen Read Free Book Online

Book: Andromeda's Fall (Shadowcat Nation) by Abigail Owen Read Free Book Online
Authors: Abigail Owen
grinned and rubbed a hand around the back of his neck. “A little. Don’t
underestimate her is all I’ll say.”
you on your ass, didn’t she? Impressive,” William guessed.
I’d like to have seen that.” Pete chuckled.
raised a single eyebrow.
grinned. “Wait… you let her. To feel her out? Or to hide your identity
as Alpha?”
shrugged. “Both. I’ll be having you guys help me test her out tomorrow morning.
I’m satisfied with her physical levels, but I want to see what she can really do
in a fight… which brings me to another matter, and the reason I asked you to
meet me here. As beat up as she was, she still managed to get by our entire
defense system last night. The only reason I caught her is because I
happened to be in the right place at the right time.”
left out the fact that some kind of hidden instinct had led him to the room at
that time. He’d watched as a shadow had stealthily made its way over the wall,
past his guards, up the tree, and eventually through the window. He hadn’t
known until she stood that the intruder was a woman, and that she wasn’t in her
animal form. Only the best shifters could use their mountain lion skills while
still human. That alone had him intrigued.
he’d gotten a good look at her in the light of the hallway. She was a pocket Venus
– tiny but with curves. Attraction had slammed into him. Hard. He’d had an
instant image of her incredible long, dark hair spread out over his chest in
silken streams as she slept. His distraction had given her the opening to sling
him to the ground, but seeing his opportunity to further disguise his identity,
he’d gone along with it, not trying to win the skirmish.
his men, he pointed out how exactly she’d come in. “Now, how is that possible?”
looked at each other and then back at him. “We can certainly take a closer look
at our setup,” William said. “Likely we’re good for larger-scale attacks, but
perhaps we have some holes when defending against a single invader. But I
suspect the best way to shore up our defenses is to ask Andie how she did it.”
nodded in tense agreement. He’s already decided on that course of action, but
he’d wanted his men to come to the same conclusion on their own. They took
pride in their work, but more than that, as cougar shifters, they were easily provoked.
They were more likely to take advice from Andie if they asked for it first.
have her walk us through it tomorrow night. And the following night, I want her
tested on patrol,” he decided.
a pretty ruthless schedule. She’ll be exhausted,” Dylan commented.
back to her tireless run this morning, Jaxon smiled. “I suspect she can handle
hope we can,” Charlie joked.
ignored him. He had every confidence that his men could deal with anything he
threw at them and more.
tonight I want the guards doubled. Keep the current shift on the same schedule,
but put the new shift on a randomized schedule,” he ordered.
got it, boss,” Dylan said.
they walked back into the compound, Pete turned to him. “What do Nick and
Hannah think about this?”
shrugged. “I haven’t had a chance to talk to Nick yet. He’ll be back in a
couple of weeks. Andie is staying in Hannah’s room for now.”
eyebrows shot up. “Hannah agreed to keep your true identity a secret?”
not thrilled about it. But her words were, and I quote, I’m keeping
confidences on both sides .”
stopped walking. “Somebody’s going to slip up eventually. And I don’t get the
impression that Andie is the type of girl to take a deception like that well.
Better it come from you than someone else. Especially if you intend to marry
clapped a hand on Pete’s shoulder. “This is a necessary lie. But I know you’re
right. I don’t intend for it to go on for too

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