Angel Fire East

Angel Fire East by Terry Brooks Read Free Book Online

Book: Angel Fire East by Terry Brooks Read Free Book Online
Authors: Terry Brooks
Tags: Fiction
of way, and very attentive toward her. He was a friend of her dead mother, and Nest was eager to make the connection with him for that reason if for no other. I suspect that she had quite a crush on him. She formed a strong attachment to him in any case, and she still thinks of him as her close friend.”
    Gask chose his words carefully, working on the assumption that Larry Spence already felt possessive about Nest and would not welcome the idea of a rival, particularly one to whom she was attracted.
    “John Ross is not the man Miss Freemark thinks he is, Mr. Spence,” he continued earnestly. “He is a very dangerous criminal. She believes him to be her knight in shining armor, the man she knew fifteen years ago, the handsome, older man who paid so much attention to a young, insecure girl. She has deceived herself, and she will not be quick to change her thinking.”
    He was laying it on a bit thick, but when dealing with a man as enamored of a woman as Larry Spence was of Nest Freemark, he could get away with it.
    “What’s he done?” Spence demanded, stiffening in his seat, ready to charge out and do battle with his duplicitous, unsavory rival. Gask smiled inwardly.
    “I’d prefer not to discuss that aspect of the case with you, Mr. Spence.”
Let him use his imagination,
Gask thought. “What should be of concern to you, as it is to us, is not so much what he’s done elsewhere, but what he may do once he comes here.”
    “He’s coming to Hopewell?” Spence swallowed. “So you think he’ll look up Nest?”
    Gask nodded, pleased that the deputy was doing all the work for him. “There is every reason to believe he will try to contact her. When he does, he will ask her to keep his presence a secret. He will lay low for the duration of his visit. He will not show himself readily. That’s where you come in.”
    Larry Spence leaned forward, his hands knotted. “What do you want me to do?”
    Findo Gask wished everything in life were this easy. “Miss Freemark is your friend. She knows of your interest in her, and she will not be suspicious if you find an excuse to visit her. Do so. Do so at least once every day. Get inside her house any way you can and look around. You may not see Ross, but you may see some sign of his presence. If you do, don’t do anything foolish. Just call this number immediately.”
    Gask drew out a white business card and handed it to Larry Spence. It bore his fake identity and rank and a local number to which an answer phone would respond.
    “I don’t have to tell you how grateful the bureau is for your cooperation, Mr. Spence,” Gask announced, rising to his feet. “I won’t take up any more of your time today, but I’ll stay in touch.”
    He shook the deputy’s hand, leaving a final imprint of his presence so that the other would not be quick to forget what he had been told. “Penny!” he called down the hallway.
    Penny Dreadful emerged on cue, smiling demurely, trying to hide the hungry look in her eyes. She was like this every time she got around children. Gask took her by the arm and steered her out the front door, nodding in the direction of Larry Spence as they departed.
    “I was just starting to have fun,” she pouted. “I had some of my toys out, and I was showing him how to cut things. I took off one of my fingers with a razor.” She giggled and held up the severed digit, then stuck it back in place, ligaments and flesh knitting seamlessly.
    “Penny, Penny, Penny,” he sighed wearily.
    “Don’t get your underwear in a bundle, Gramps. I made sure he won’t remember any of it until tonight, after he’s asleep, when he’ll wake up screaming. Deputy daddy will think it’s just a bad dream.”
    They climbed back into the car, clicking their seat belts into place. Findo Gask wondered how much longer he was going to be able to keep her in line. It was bad enough with Twitch, but to have Penny pushing the envelope as well was a bit much. He rolled down the window

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