Angels of Humility: A Novel
new family who just moved in here. I don’t know their names. I think they’ve got two toddlers; bless them Lord. Lord, bless the Bakers, especially their teenage daughter who’s going through such a hard spell. Lord bless these people, I don’t know who they are, but You do. Lord bless this family; they always keep their yard immaculate. I love their red gladiolas, Lord. Bless them today.” Sarah walked completely around her block, then the next block.
    She stopped in front of a small Victorian house with a new real-estate sign in the yard. For reasons she couldn’t identify, she felt drawn to this house. “Lord, bless whoever just moved out and bless whoever will move in, too.” She loitered a few minutes, finished that block and then moved on to the next block and ended up in front of the Reynolds’ parsonage.
    “And bless the Reynolds, Lord. You were so good to bring this family here. Thanks for the joke he told on Sunday that helped me to see things so differently. Help me to intercede faithfully for my pastor, his family, and my church.”
    Inside, Kathy watched Sarah outside. She recognized her from church. Sarah stood on the sidewalk facing the house, talking a mile a minute—to nobody.
How strange. I wonder what she wants?
Kathy headed for the front door, but by the time she unlocked it and stuck her head out, Sarah had turned the corner praying fervently for Kathy’s neighbors. I
hope she’s not a troublemaker
, thought Kathy. I’ll
have to remember to ask Paul if he’s heard anything about her
    Sarah continued her prayer walks, usually in the morning, sometimes adding a second round at 4 P.M. , too. She didn’t see Joel and Malta walking to her left and right, blessing, praying, and agreeing with everything she said. Anyone looking with spiritual eyes would have surely been amused to see two, huge, strong angels in dazzling garments towering over a little 5’2” woman, wearing a brown robe of humility, who shuffled down the street—all three fervently praying for salvation to come to this neighborhood.
    The Father sends Joel and Malta at the time of salvation to protect their charges from the enemy’s attack, and to help them to become more humble and Christlike.
    “Father is beautifully transforming Sarah’s heart. It’s a pleasure to serve one so willing to follow,” said Malta.
    “Yes, she will finish spiritually strong, even though her body will be very weak.”
    “Father is full of mercy to snatch her at the end of her life from the enemy’s camp. You can bet Satan is spitting sulfur right now—”
    “He’s planning a counterattack,” interrupted Joel, putting his hand on his sword. “We need to be especially vigilant.”
    Depression, Agoraphobia, Suicide, Discouragement, and Lying were arguing among themselves at that very moment. Demonic strategy sessions frequently deteriorated into vicious quarrels—there is no loyalty between demons, no cooperation, only hatred and vying for status.
    Agoraphobia turned to Suicide, “You’re worthless now. She’s never going to take her own life.”
    “You had months and you couldn’t take her out. I was only here for a few days,” screeched Suicide. “If I’d had as much time as you—”
    “Depression is right,” hollered Discouragement, “we don’t need you; you’re of no value to us now.”
    “I’ve got better assignments available than with you losers.” Suicide cursed and disappeared.
    “If the truth is known, we’re all pretty ineffective now that she’s saved,” grumbled Depression.
    “I can’t believe she slipped through our claws. We almost had her,” whined Discouragement. “Can you believe those angels that are around her now? The whole miserable situation just got a million times harder.”
    “There’s no hope. We have no weapons to overcome her.”
    “Yes we do,” said Lying.
    “Right,” they both responded, “like we’re going to believe you.”
    “Listen to me—for once,” sneered Lying.

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