Animal Nature: A Paranormal Romance (The Animal Sagas)

Animal Nature: A Paranormal Romance (The Animal Sagas) by Susan G. Charles Read Free Book Online

Book: Animal Nature: A Paranormal Romance (The Animal Sagas) by Susan G. Charles Read Free Book Online
Authors: Susan G. Charles
two, but Clay’s kiss made her forget all about them.
    While the storm was raging outside, the couple’s wild passions raged inside the darkness of the cave. She felt a sudden bolt of energy surge inside her, from her lips to her feet. Her entire body rose in temperature. Outside, the storm raged. The wind roared. And trees swaying in the storm sent shocks of moonlight across the forest floor. Inside, Clay and Sonya created their own storm. Something took over Sonya’s body – her lips, her hands, her tongue. Even her brain seemed not to work in the same way as before. She pressed back, wrapping her legs around his waist and sucking on his lower lip, flitting her tongue inside his mouth like a tease.
    His hands and legs fumbled as they got all tangled up in the pile of blankets they were laying on. Before he could get his legs completely untangled, she had pulled the blanket free and tossed it aside. A few pillows soon joined it by the cave door. It took her quite by surprise when his lips wrapped themselves around her breast. She was not expecting it. The kiss was a welcome moment of license, an indulgence. Going further was unfamiliar to her and, until then, seemed out of reach. But with her nipple now in his mouth she could no longer deny what was going to happen. She hardly had time to prepare herself for it, mentally or physically. It all happened so fast.
    The blankets shifted and again tried to capture their legs in the heat of this new struggle. Clay’s blankets were tied in what seemed like an endless array of knots around his legs, knees, and feet. Even so he was inside her faster than she ever imagined it could happen. Their lovemaking was fed by Sonya’s magic and a mutual longing by each which had been building for the last five months unbeknownst to either of them. Sonya hardly felt any pain at all when Clay claimed her virginity, the tiny wave of pain lost to the greater pleasure that washed over the two of them as they lost themselves in each other.
    Their lovemaking lasted for hours but it seemed to Sonya like only minutes. When they had finished, they both collapsed from exhaustion. Clay rolled onto his back on the cave floor and reached for a pillow just a few feet out of reach, pulled it over and propped up his head. Sonya curled up next to him and nestled her chin up to his neck. She knew he loved her when he wrapped his arm around her body and caressed her arms in a tender and careful swirling motion.
    At long last, hours into the encounter, more from sheer exhaustion than a lack of desire to continue, the pair fell fast asleep, curled up together in their tiny cave refuge. Wrapped warmly in the blankets and comforters that Sonya had filled the caves with months back, those very blankets that fought so hard to keep them apart hours ago, they hugged each other tightly as the winds howled out in the night, and both fell asleep. The pair remained that way until well into the next morning.

Chapter 10
    The next morning, the sound of male voices raised in heated argument wakened Sonya from her sound slumber. She could hear Clay yelling at someone, and another male voice yelling right back at him. Clay sounded angry and, a little bit, frightened too. In an instant Sonya had shifted into a cougar and bounded out of the safety and darkness of their cave, intent on stopping whoever was threatening her new mate. He was in trouble and needed her help and that was all she thought about. As far as she was concerned, that intruder was in for a rude awakening at the business end of a she-cougars claws! Screaming in outrage, Sonya busted out of the cave and slammed, head long, into the intruder, before she had even realized who she was attacking.
    “Sonya, stop it, that’s Ben! Look, it’s Ben! Not Jonathan… ” Lynda’s voice rang out and instantly, Sonya, still in full cougar form, froze. Looking down she could see that she had indeed just sacked the Strongheart’s Alpha, Ben. Ben was snarling at her, as

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