Anne Mather

Anne Mather by Sanja Read Free Book Online

Book: Anne Mather by Sanja Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sanja
asleep when Caroline entered the bedroom and she had to relate the night's events. She omitted the visit to his mews residence, however, but although it was already eleven-thirty, Amanda seemed satisfied that they had come straight home. Caroline resolved not to discuss Adam with Amanda or Ruth in future. Their knowledge was only based on hearsay; Caroline felt she knew Adam much better than that.
    Amanda returned to work on the Saturday morning, for although it was half-day closing a lot of her work was done after closing hours. This made things easier for Caroline who decided to leave a note telling Amanda where she had gone, thus evading any further discussion of Adam's merits.
    She washed her hair in the morning, scrambled an egg for lunch and was ready by two-thirty. She had dressed in Black Watch tartan trews and a bulky blue sweater and carried her duffel coat. With her silvery hair loose and wearing little make-up she looked young and wholesome.
    She saw a low white continental car turn into the mews at a quarter to three and wondered idly whose car it was. She did not connect it with Adam until there was a knock at her door.
    She hurried to open it, inwardly praying it wasn't Aunt Agnes, who sometimes took it into her head to visit Caroline on Saturday afternoons. However, when she opened the door and saw Adam she gasped and said:
    'Why, Adam!' in a surprised tone. 'I've been watching for you, but I didn't see the car.'
    He shrugged and walked past her into the room, looking about him with interest. 'Are you ready?' he asked. 'At least you look your age today.'
    Caroline smiled. 'I'll take that as a compliment,' she answered lightly. 'But don't look round here. It's all so old and untidy, I'm afraid.'
    Adam nodded critically. 'These old houses should all be demolished,' he said, noticing the damp patch under the windows which Amanda had unsuccessfully tried to hide with a leather print. 'A new block of flats would house twice as many people and be more hygienic.' He smiled at Caroline. 'Shall we go?'
    Today he was dressed in dark slacks and a navy blue sweater over a blue shirt. He was wearing his sheepskin coat and looked big and handsome. Caroline inwardly hugged herself as they went down to the car. A whole afternoon and possibly evening too with him all to herself.
    To her surprise, Adam crossed to the white car. It looked sleek and powerful and she felt excited as she got in.
    'This is why I didn't see you,' she explained as he joined her in the automobile. 'I only looked for the Rolls.'
    'Hm,' he murmured in reply. 'I decided the Rolls was in need of a check-up, so I brought this instead.'
    'I like it,' exclaimed Caroline eagerly. 'It's more. . .well.. .'
    'Intimate,' he suggested lazily, and she flushed.
    'Casual,' she replied, then with a sigh of contentment she continued: 'Oh, I'm so glad you invited me to come with you today. By the way, how did you find our apartment?'
    Adam started the car. 'Caro, honey, you work for me,' he answered, and Caroline smiled and nodded. No one else had ever abbreviated her name to 'Caro' and she adored it, just as she adored the way he said it.
    The drive to his home was smooth and comfortable and very fast. They drove beyond Windsor to a village called Slayford and on the outskirts of the village they turned between the drive gates of a low, modern villa- bungalow. It was a massive place designed on Grecian lines with statuary in the forecourt and a fountain playing into a small pool. The drive swept round the fountain and Adam brought the car to a halt before double glass doors with a wrought iron grille covering the inside. Wide, shallow steps led up to these doors crossing a pillar-supported terrace.
    'Gosh,' exclaimed Caroline, forestalling Adam as he would have helped her from the car, 'I never imagined anything like this. It's quite fabulous.'
    'I'm glad you like it,' he replied, thrusting his hands deep into the pockets of his coat. 'I had it built five years ago to my

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