ANOTHER KIND OF DIAMOND by Gloria Obizu Read Free Book Online

Book: ANOTHER KIND OF DIAMOND by Gloria Obizu Read Free Book Online
Authors: Gloria Obizu
strong woman, so she was probably dealing with her sufferings on her own without telling anybody ‘cause she didn’t want me to know what was going on. And by the time she spoke out, she was almost dead. My Aunt took me many times to go see her in the hospital ‘cause she was in there for so long before she passed on. That’s the thing about cancer; it stays with you a long painful time before it kills you if you failed to find it before it begins to bug you. My Aunt talked to me a lot about that stuff ‘cause she is a nurse and understood what grandma went through. Actually she knew grand ma was gonna die when she did.
    You must have cried a lot, Isabel said.
    Oh yes! I sure did! I couldn’t even eat anything for days. My Aunt tried to help me but she too was grieving. I was however secretly hoping that something good might come out of it all. That somehow it would be the opportunity for me to meet with my mom ‘cause I was thinking she will be at the funeral.
    Yeah! I understand! And she didn’t make it, ha?
    Wow! Wow! Wow!
    It’s ok! Carissa continued. I don’t even think about that part anymore, understand? Anyways, it was after grandma’s funeral that I started living with my Aunt who was getting ready for retirement at the time. She had no children of her own and never got married so we were always together whenever she is at home and that’s why she bored me to hell with all kinds of stuff and how I learnt some things from her too. She wanted marriage though but she was the type that believes so much in giving your heart to your true love. I think that was what held her back for so long. Anyways there was this guy she was going steady with before I left but I don’t know if they got married or not. I’m not even interested in all that shit any more.
    True love! Isabel began. What does that mean? Nothing! Is all bullshit to me! People pretend and fake all sorts of things to get what they want when they want it, that’s it! It is really hard to know a mind’s contrive by facial expression, so there is no way you’ll ever know who is true to you. People lie, deceive and do all sorts of things in the name of love but they seek their personal gender. I ain’t into that true love bullshit ‘cause nobody is ever gonna give it to me. It’s all gimmick! A game of sort and what Isabel is gonna be doing is play along. I mean have all the fun that I can before I get out of the fucking world. Tell me something, did she party a lot? Isabel said this with a hint of humor.
    Baby that mama did whatever she wanted. She didn’t really do things like old school guys you know. Like she says to me, “Child take control of your mind and you pull out of anything. Child, mind is the driver!” She says shit like that! Carissa continued.
    That’s cool though! How old is her boyfriend?
    I don’t know ‘cause I never asked my Aunt but he is a cool guy.
    Is all because you’re Aunt got some dough, understood? Still the same whole damned shit I’ve been talking out. They’re not gonna like you if you got nothing.
    Isabel it doesn’t happen like that always. At times, character really counts, looks too sometimes, but character most! My grandma was not rich but my grandpa adored her till her dying day. He was with her and stood by her throughout her hospital days. Infect that man lived in the hospital with my grand ma yet she lived on section eight and depended on social security for almost everything. Anyways, she was one of a kind though. One hell of a good woman that mama was. Any man would have been with her Carissa added.
    Those are old school stuff you are talking about Carissa ‘cause these days things are different. Everything has turned upside down.
    You‘re right in some ways! May be is all about faked love, I don’t know. But I think there are still good ones out there and I’m hoping I find one for myself someday! To be honest though, my Aunt’s boyfriend is also well off on his own. His name is

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