Astrosaurs 3

Astrosaurs 3 by Steve Cole Read Free Book Online

Book: Astrosaurs 3 by Steve Cole Read Free Book Online
Authors: Steve Cole
climbed up onto the clanking conveyor belt.

    â€œI’ll chase you onto dry land if I have to!” snarled Don Leo. Somehow he managed to flip himself out of the water and onto the conveyor belt behind Teggs.
    Now they were both heading straight for the wrapping machine.
    Don Leo laughed nastily. “I’ve got you now, you stupid stegosaur!”
    Teggs just smiled. “Actually, I think you’ll find that . . .
I’ve got you!”
    Just before he could fall into the wrapping machine, Teggs jumped off the conveyor belt. He hit the water with an enormous splash. But it was too late for Don Leo. He couldn’t flip himself out of the way in time.
    â€œNo!” yelled the liopleurodon as he tumbled into the wrapping machine.
    Teggs held his breath as the machine rattled and shook. Then it bulged like a balloon. Steam started to spurt from its insides.
    Finally, out popped Don Leo, all wrapped up on a long plastic tray. Only his head, tail and flippers were left sticking out.

    â€œGet me out of here!” yelled the liopleurodon, struggling furiously.

    But the conveyor belt moved him quickly on. He was tipped into a large wooden crate. Robot arms placed the lid on top and nailed it in place. Finally the crate was shoved off into the water with a big splash.
    â€œThere,” said Teggs. “That should hold you till you’ve calmed down a bit!”
    â€œWhat about my ship?” came Don Leo’s muffled voice.
    â€œI think your test flight is over,” said Teggs. “That ship will never fly again. But your crew are still safely sleeping. If you promise to be good, I’m sure the cryptoclidus will help you all get back home to your own planet.”
    â€œAnd what if we’re
good?” said Don Leo.
    â€œI was sent here by the Dinosaur Space Service. They’ll be watching you very closely,” Teggs said sternly. “If you know what’s good for you . . . behave!”
    Just then, Iggy and Cripes splashed into the packing room.
    â€œYou did it!” beamed Iggy.
    â€œAt last, we can get on with our fishing in peace,” said Cripes.
    â€œAs soon as you’ve helped Don Leo and his friends get back home,” said Teggs. “But don’t worry. I think he’ll be better behaved from now on!”
    â€œSuppose so,” grumbled Don Leo from his crate.
    â€œWell, I think that about
wraps things up
here,” chuckled Teggs. He spoke into his communicator. “Arx? Gipsy? It’s Teggs. Mission accomplished!”
    Gipsy’s voice crackled out: “Well done, Captain!”
    â€œAdmiral Rosso will be delighted!” added Arx.
    â€œGet the shuttle ready,” Teggs ordered. “Then let’s all grab dinner somewhere
He grinned at Iggy. “I’m ready for a ten course banquet – with a big, new adventure for dessert!”


About the Author
    Born in 1971, Steve Cole spent a happy childhood in rural Bedfordshire being loud and aspiring to amuse. He liked books, and so went to the University of East Anglia to read more of them. Later on he started writing them too, with titles ranging from pre-school poetry to Young Adult thrillers (with more TV and film tie-ins than he cares to admit to along the way). In other careers he has been the editor of Noddy magazine , the voice of a Dalek and an editor of fiction and nonfiction book titles for various publishers.


    Read all the adventures of Teggs, Gipsy, Arx and Iggy!
    #1 Riddle of the Raptors
    #2 The Hatching Horror
    #3 The Seas of Doom
    #4 The Mind-Swap Menace
    #5 The Skies of Fear
    #6 The Space Ghosts
    #7 Day of the Dino-Droids
    #8 The Terror-Bird Trap
    #9 The Planet of Peril
    #10 The Star Pirates
    #11 The Claws of Christmas
    #12 The Sun-Snatchers
    #13 Revenge of the Fang
    #14 The Carnivore Curse
    #15 The Dreams of Dread
    #16 The Robot Raiders
    #17 The Twist of Time
    #18 The Sabre-Tooth Secret
    #19 The Forest of

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