B00BWX9H30 EBOK by Cynthia Woolf Read Free Book Online

Book: B00BWX9H30 EBOK by Cynthia Woolf Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cynthia Woolf
Thank God for small favors, at least she didn’t have to lug it in from the pump out in the yard.
    She added a little more hot water from the bucket beside the tub until the temperature was perfect. She placed a towel and a clean night gown on a chair she brought over from the table and then she undressed leaving her old nightgown in a pile on the floor.
    Climbing into the hot water she couldn’t stop the small moan of pleasure. She reached up and removed the pins from her hair letting the thick mass fall to the floor. She leaned back and let the hot water relax her. After a few minutes she scooted forward bringing her hair into the water. Then she lay back until her hair was completely submerged and stayed that way, relaxing the tight muscles in her back that were still stiff from the ride in the buckboard from the train station and all the work today that she wasn’t used to. Sitting back up she took her precious rose soap she brought with her from New York and scrubbed her hair. She closed her eyes laid back again submerging her hair and rinsing most of the soap from it.
    When she opened her eyes she was looking into cool water blue ones attached to the incredibly handsome face of her husband.
    She screamed.
    He grinned.
    Ella sat up quickly covering herself with her arms. “Nathan! What are you doing here?”
    “Wondering where you were. I woke and you were gone from our bed.”
    “Well, you found me. Now go away.” She pulled her hair forward over her shoulders hiding the scars on her neck and chest and covering her breast. The thick mass of curls covered her like a dark sable blanket, freeing her hand which dived to her lap.
    He shook his head and knelt next to the tub. “I don’t think so. You need someone to scrub your back and clean those sores. Give me your soap.”
    “No.” she hissed. “Go away.”
    He smiled. “I was hoping you’d say that.” He plunged his hand into the water finding her legs and pulling his hand up her leg, caressing her as he went.
    “Nathan!” she squeaked. “Stop that.” She swatted at his hands and he took advantage to replace her hands with his, caressing her mound and eliciting a moan from her. His naked chest rubbed against her back and between his hand and his chest she was lost.
    He chuckled and pulled his hand away. “Seriously. Give me your soap and I’ll wash your back.”
    “Just my back and then you’ll go away?” she said handing him her soap.
    “Maybe…after I help you rinse your hair.” He lathered his hands and rubbed them up and down her back. The strokes slow, his fingers gently kneading the sore, tired muscles with each pass. Then he brought them around to her front, massaging her stomach and caressing her as he moved up to her breasts. Around and around each one, tweaking her nipples.
    She moaned and leaned back into his chest, giving him access to her. Forgetting for the moment her scars, her sores, her embarrassment, she simply felt and enjoyed the pleasure.
    He was gentle and thorough. Then he pulled up her hair and she came back to her senses.
    She grabbed her hair. “No. Don’t.”
    “Ella, I’ve told you, your scars don’t bother me.”
    “Maybe not, but they bother me.” Her head dropped to her chest. “Please. Don’t.”
    He pulled his hands away from her. “As you wish. Stand and I’ll rinse you.”
    “I can do it myself.”
    “Stop being a ninny. I’m trying to help. As soon as you’re rinsed, I’ll leave you alone.”
    She looked at him. He was upset with her and yet he still wanted to help her. He was her husband, but she couldn’t help her response. She hated her scars. As much as he said they didn’t matter, they did to her, but she stood anyway. He poured the contents of the bucket by the tub over her head and rinsed the soap from her hair and body. Then he handed her the towel, turned on his heel and left her alone.
    She dried herself quickly put on her fresh nightgown, cleaned up the kitchen and then went to

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