Backstage Demands

Backstage Demands by Kristina King Read Free Book Online

Book: Backstage Demands by Kristina King Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kristina King
    He flew her to Paris and proposed on a balcony of their hotel room which faced the Eiffel Tower. The balcony was covered in rose petals, a bottle of the most expensive champagne chilling off to the side and a three-piece band was playing on the balcony next to theirs. He had rented both rooms. They played classical music while Peter and Lauren sipped champagne and gazed at the Eiffel Tower. After the first glass, he dropped to his knee and proposed. The diamond was three carats of gorgeousness and sparkle. It glittered in the light of the Eiffel Tower and it fit her finger like it was Cinderella’s glass slipper. So, of course, she said yes.
    Now, Peter stood before her, the epitome of the perfect man with his tanned, toned skin, his smooth, clean-shaven face, and bright smile. His eyes sparkled with lust and he was motioning her toward him.
    “Come here, my little princess.” This was his nickname for Lauren and her feet were already moving toward him, arms reached out and her nipples pert against the soft lace of her bra as she anticipated his touch.
    Peter reached out and touched her cheek with the back of his fingertips, then he unfolded them and wrapped them around the back of her neck as he pulled her even closer to him. Lauren inhaled the fresh, clean scent of his skin. Her fingertips were already caressing away some of the wetness that still lingered over it. His skin was warm to the touch and his breath quickened when she touched him.
    He slid his free hand up the front of her thigh, his fingertips hooking under the hem of the business skirt she wore and pulling it up with them as they trailed toward the round of her bottom. As his other hand made its way down from her neck toward her waist, he paused along its trail to caress her breast through her sweater. Lauren moaned softly feeling his thumb graze around her nipple. Peter liked to tease her. He liked to bring her to a point where she was begging him for more.
    He licked his lips before kissing her. His mouth tasted like mint and Lauren savored it. The tip of her tongue touched the inner curve of his upper lip. Both of Peter’s hands were now cupping and kneading her ass, the hem of her skirt now pulled up over the curves of it, resting just below her waist. He pulled Lauren flush against him and she laced her arms across his shoulders. Her mouth open now, kissing him more intently. His tongue probing and teasing hers.
    She could feel his hardness pressed against her mound. The thought that he would soon be inside her dampened her thighs and Peter knew it. He could feel her body reacting to it. His hands on her warm ass, squeezing it. His finger strayed toward the crotch of her lacey panties and moved it to the side, exposing her slit. Then he grabbed her by the waist and spun her around until she was pressed up against the wall. Lauren gasped sharply and bit her lip. He already had his throbbing cock in his hand and was rubbing his swollen member against her wet folds.
    “Need me, Princess?” His body was pressed hard against hers, sandwiching her between him and the wall.
    Lauren parted her legs and lifted her ass up a bit as she tried to angle him inside her, but he was controlling the situation – as usual. She nodded as she licked her lips. Her breath coming in short quick pants now.
    “Yes Peter. I need you inside me.” He flicked his tongue over her ear as he pushed deep inside her, separating her warm, wet walls. Once he was deep inside, he flexed his pelvic muscle so she could feel his steely member jump inside her.
    “Needy little princess.” He growled the words against her neck then rocked his hips in rhythmic thrusts.
    The pleasure inside her was building quickly. She was excited and stressed about her new job, but Peter knew how to make that all go away and all it took was him between her folds. As he pumped into her, his hand slid around her waist then dropped below her belly button, caressing her mound lower until he found

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