Bad Apple - the Baddest Chick

Bad Apple - the Baddest Chick by Nisa Santiago Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Bad Apple - the Baddest Chick by Nisa Santiago Read Free Book Online
Authors: Nisa Santiago
Tags: Fiction, General, New York (N.Y.), African American, Sisters, Urban Life, Urban Fiction, Street Life
and her crew just smiled and kept it moving. They were looking for the right dudes to fuck with, and a ride back to Harlem. It was late, and they dreaded the long train and bus ride back into the city.
    “Oh shit! Ain’t that Cross and his friends over there?” Mesha asked.
    Hearing Cross’s name made Apple’s heart beat rapidly. She looked around and saw him posted up by his polished black Range Rover, encircled by his bejeweled crew of thugs.
    The men came in three flashy trucks, all chromed out with tinted windows and blaring systems. They were the eye-candy in the parking lot, as ladies surrounded the Harlem crew, who had liquor and weed. They joked around and mingled with their admirers like they were celebrities themselves.
    “C’mon, let’s go over there and say what’s up. Shit, maybe we can catch a ride back to the block,” Mesha suggested.
    Apple was a bit nervous. Seeing Cross so close made her heart flutter. Cross stood tall and fine in a brown Völkl jacket, crisp denim MEK jeans, and sporting a pair of white Uptowns, his jewelry shining nicely. He had a cup of liquor in his hand and was conversing with one of his homies.
    “C’mon, Apple, let’s see what’s up,” Mesha called out.
    Apple followed behind Mesha and Ayesha. When they got close, Mesha smiled, recognizing a couple of faces. She hollered, “What up, Trey? What up, Dink?”
    “Mesha, what’s good?” Dink replied with a smile.
    “Y’all tell me. I wanna get my drink on too.”
    “Ain’t you too young?” Trey said.
    “Nigga, you only nineteen, two years older than me. Anyways, where my cup at?”
    Trey and Dink laughed.
    “You a wild girl, Mesha,” Dink responded.
    Trey hollered, “Ayesha, what’s up?”
    Trey and Dink looked over at Apple, and the lust in their eyes said it all.
    “Yo, that ain’t Kola, right? She too quiet right now,” Dink said.
    “You know her twin, Apple?” Mesha replied.
    “Yeah, I see her around. Why you so quiet, ma?” Dink asked with coolness to his voice.
    “’Cause I’m her,” Apple replied casually.
    Dink laughed. “Damn! You fine like your sister. But all y’all is lookin’ so fuckin’ right. Damn, let me get that ass, Mesha.”
    Mesha responded with, “Let me get a cup.”
    The men laughed, and Dink quickly poured Mesha a shot of Henny.
    “You wanna mix that wit’ somethin’, ma?” Trey asked.
    Mesha sucked her teeth, looked at them like they were crazy, and downed the liquor like the best of them. In her youth she was showing off. She wanted attention, and she got it. Trey and Dink were quickly impressed.
    “Y’all want a shot too?” Dink asked.
    Ayesha answered yes and was already reaching for her cup, but Apple was too busy staring at Cross, who stood just a few feet away from her.
    “Yo, Apple, you want some of this?” Dink raised the half empty bottle of Hennessy.
    “Yeah, I’m down.”
    Dink smiled while pouring her a shot.
    Following behind her girls, Apple took it to the head. The liquor left a burning sensation down her throat, as it trickled easily into her system.
    Dink poured the three girls another shot, which they downed quickly as well.
    It was getting late, and the police started forcing everyone out of the parking lot. They even made arrests for disorderly conduct and other illegal activities that came into play after the concert ended.
    Apple, Ayesha, and Mesha were having a good time with Dink and Trey, while Cross mingled with a few ladies. That made Apple jealous, but she kept her cool and continued drinking and chilling with her friends. Apple stared at the bitches holding Cross’s attention and knew she was ten times better-looking than any of them. She bit her tongue, wanting to snatch every bitch away from her man. In her mind, he was hers.
    When Cross finally headed in their direction, Apple immediately got excited. He strode their way with a cup in his hand, his eyes focused on the group. He walked up to Dink and Trey,

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