Bad Apple (The Uncertain Saints MC #4)

Bad Apple (The Uncertain Saints MC #4) by Lani Lynn Vale Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Bad Apple (The Uncertain Saints MC #4) by Lani Lynn Vale Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lani Lynn Vale
want me to go.
    But one thing was for certain.
    Over good food and lots of laughs, I fell deeply in love with Apple Drew.
    I knew as he was walking me back to my house later that night that I’d never, ever, be able to get free of him. Not that I wanted to.
    There was just something about the man that intrigued me.
    The butterflies in my belly started to take flight as he stopped me at the bottom steps of my front porch.
    “Your brother’s looking out the window,” he sighed.
    I turned to see my brother doing just that.
    He waved at me, and I waved back before turning my back on him.
    “My brother’s a shithead. Have I mentioned that?”
    Apple’s face broke out into a smile and he lifted his hand to tuck a stray lock of my hair back behind my ear before resting the palm of his hand on my cheek.
    “I had a good time with you tonight,” he told me softly.
    I leaned forward until my hands were resting on his abs.
    “I had a great time, too,” I informed him. “Thank you.”
    He grinned.
    “I know it wasn’t much. But I get off work at six, so I don’t have as much time to do stuff in the evenings,” he explained.
    He seemed to hesitate before he said what he said next.
    “Do you remember when I said I’d take you to Arizona with me?”
    I nodded, the butterflies in my belly fluttering faster.
    “Do you still want to go?” He asked, sounding almost hopeful.
    I nodded again, this time with a brilliant smile on my face.
    “Yeah, I still want to go,” I promised.
    His eyes lit up as he leaned forward and placed his lips on mine.
    The beating on the window didn’t deter us, either, as our tongues tangled.
    His hands came up to frame my face as he took control of the kiss.
    I moaned into his mouth as his tongue plunged deep, and his hips pushed me into the door at my back.
    My leg came up to hook around his thigh, but he moved his face away from mine before I could get any deeper into the kiss.
    “Sorry,” he muttered.
    It was then I realized he wasn’t talking to me.
    He was talking to my brother.
    “Seriously?” I asked Ridley, looking over to where he was watching us through the open window.

Chapter 6
    Adulthood is like looking both ways to cross a street only to get hit by a falling object. Unpredictable and headache inducing.
    -Fact of Life
    My second date, which was to last all weekend, was officially about to start.
    A wave of nausea rolled over me at the idea of being in the same room with Apple again.
    Not because anything was amiss with Apple, but because I’d revealed some pretty personal details about myself on our date three days prior.
    He’d done so as well, and then I hadn’t heard a word from him.
    So yes, I was very, very nervous.
    The loud rumble of pipes had me rushing to find my pants.
    “Ridley!” I yelled. “Will you bring me my pants out of the dryer?”
    I heard my brother’s groan of annoyance, and then the stomping of his feet as he walked away from the kitchen where he’d been eating a snack.
    A few moments later a knock sounded at the door, and I moved the drapes away from my window to see Apple standing a few feet away from the entranceway, his back more toward my window rather than the door.
    I knocked on the glass, a smile breaking out over my face when he turned and smiled at me.
    Then his eyes trailed down my legs, and his smile got wider.
    I rolled my eyes and dropped the drapes just as I heard the sound of my pants hitting my closed bedroom door.
    “Thank you!” I yelled just as I heard him open the front door for Apple.
    Snatching them off the floor, I closed the door behind myself once again and yanked the material up my legs.
    Once up over my hips, I sat down and shoved my feet into my untied shoes, before standing and walking to the bathroom.
    The pants were deliciously warm from the dryer, which was why I didn’t notice that they were too tight until I tried to button them and couldn’t.
    “Shit,” I groaned, looking down at my pants in

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